Rainy Day Ideas for Toddlers

When it rains and you are stuck indoors or on those long days when your child seems to be stuck for things to do, mix up the schedule a little with a new idea to enjoy yourselves together and forget the weather.

Welly Walk

Just because it is raining doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all day. Make sure there is plenty of hot water for a bath and then head outdoors wearing willies, raincoats and take an umbrella. Let your child splash in the puddles, run in the rain and get rid of all that pent up energy from a day in the house. When they get in, they are likely to be soaked, so get them out of the wet clothes, have a cosy bath and into clean dry clothes for a relaxing evening!


Baking cakes or cookies is a great activity for rainy days when a warm kitchen filled with delicious smells is a more appealing place than a wet garden! Let your child get involved at every stage, from getting the kitchen ready for baking, greasing the pans and reading the recipe to the mixing stage and finally the testing out of the finished cakes!

Finger Painting

Handprints, foot prints and finger paintings are great fun for kids of all ages. Using fingertips, help your child to paint pictures for the people they care about ? handprints and finger paintings male fantastic gifts because they are so personal.

Indoor Picnic

If your child loves a summer picnic, then let them have all the fun of the summer, indoors. Make a picnic as you would if you were going out for the day, and serve it on a picnic blanket at home on the floor. Invite a friend or have a teddy bears? picnic with your child’s favourite toys.

Dressing Up

Dress up with costumes your child might have already or make your own improvised costumes using clothes you have or fabric you can use. Make hats (cowboy, pirate, chef, princess), capes (superhero!) and encourage your child to use their imagination to become whatever character, animal or creature they want to be. Make paper masks for a quick and easy way to dress up and engage in fun imaginative play ? your child will enjoy making the masks as well as wearing them and you can make the activity, from making the masks to wearing them (and choosing one for you of course!).

Home Cinema

Watching a movie together can be a great way to while away a lazy afternoon when the weather is rough. This is a fantastic idea for a chilled out afternoon, especially if your little one is under the weather or had a late night and you want a relaxing activity. Turn your living room into your own private cinema by turning off the lights, drawing the curtains, making some popcorn and hot chocolate or other snacks, getting a big cosy blanket and snuggling up together.