Outdoor Fun For Toddlers

Spending time outdoors is good for your child in so many different ways. For a start, they get more exercise which is great for their health and fitness. They also get valuable vitamin D from the sunlight and plenty of fresh air. All this means a strong appetite, better sleep and a happier child. So if you want something different to do with your child outside, check out these options that can turn a dull day into an adventure.

Water Play

This is a great activity for a warm day. Fill a bowl with warm water, add a little of your child’s bubble bath and swish to create bubble. Let your child play with all the plastic cups, plates and washable toys you can find. You can turn this into a great wash-up session by letting your child wash all their washable toys and leave them in the sun to dry. Not only will they feel like they are being helpful and important, they will have a great sense of achievement when they have finished and as an added bonus, all their toys will be squeaky clean.

Chalk Art

Get your little artist out of the house with some chunky coloured chalks. They can work on big art projects on the pavement, in the garden, wherever they choose, and when they are done; they can simply wash it all away. Don?t be surprised if they have just as much fun washing it away as they did doodling.


A few pots, some soil and a couple of seeds and your child will feel like they are a master gardener. Gardening, even on a simple scale, teaches children patience, gives them practice in caring for a living thing and teaches them where plants and food come from. Remind them to water their seeds each day and teach them that by persevering with it, they will get results.

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course that your child has to manipulate their way through. Have things to go under, over and through. Younger children will benefit from learning about the difference between these different types of movement while older children will love to be times so they can get faster and beat their personal time again and again.

Make a Fort

Whether you simply hang a sheet over the washing line and call it a tent or get serious and build a big fort in your garden, use the materials and time that you have and leave the rest to your child’s imagination. Whether they choose to use the fort as a castle, a tent or as a playhouse, make it special by serving lunch in it, letting them ‘stay up late? (15 minutes should do it) and play and taking their games as seriously as they do.

Playing outside, however simple or complicate the game, is healthy and fun. Whatever the weather, try to find a way that your child can enjoy to great outdoors each day. Whether you need sunscreen, wellingtons or a woolly hat, get outside and have an adventure.