They Put A Pre-School In A Nursing Home And This Is What Happened..

In Seattle, Washington, a pre-school co-located with Mount St. Vincent retirement home is changing the lives of both the elderly and the toddlers.

The Intergenerational Learning Center (ILC) is a childcare facility that allows infants-to-5-year-olds to interact with residents of the nursing home through both structured and unstructured activities.

The broad purpose of the ILC is to help children learn about the elderly. Specifically, the program aims to have kids learn about the normal aging process, accept people with disabilities, help them reduce their fear of older adults, and to receive and give unconditional and unbounded love and attention.

Evan Briggs filmed these children and the elderly patients during their interactions for 9 months and watched as the bonds grew between the very young and the very old.

Despite the age gap being 70 to 80 years, they share very fundamental experiences of growing up and living life to the full.

Sometimes the interactions are funny, othertimes they are heart-wrenching and often they are emotional.

The filmmaker is hoping to turn this experience into a documentary.

Take a look for yourself below: