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Late Late Toy Show Tickets 2017

Yes it’s only October and not even Halloween yet, but the Late Late Toy Show is really only around the corner.

Tickets as always are like Gold Dust. Of course we?re sure most people go along for the fun, the entertainment, the singing and dancing and not merely for the huge volume of gifts that audience members usually walk away with.

RTE have opened the application process for tickets. You can apply HERE.

You will need to enter your personal details and answer a few questions. Demand is sure to be very high so be sure to make those answers stand out!

A few of the questions you can expect:

Q.?Tell us why you would make a good Toy Show audience member?

Q.?HOW do you celebrate Toy Show tradition and WHO is involved?

Q.?If you had to perform a party piece/special talent for The Late Late Toy Show, what would you do?

Here’s last years opening number: