March 2015 Exclusive Advertising Offer

A recent comScore analysis tracked the behaviour of internet users that were exposed to specific display adverts. They defined ?exposed? as adverts simply viewed and not clicked.

Their analysis determined that after being exposed to a display advert, a user was 257% more likely to visit that company’s website and was also 172% more likely to perform an online search for that brand.

So effectively even if a user doesn’t click on a display advert immediately, there is a strong chance that they will subsequently visit the company’s website.

As an SME, we know how restrictive advertising costs can be and so we would like to offer a (very) small number of Leaderboard, Button and MPU adverts across for a fraction of what we normally charge.

The cost includes a rotating Leaderboard, Button or MPU display advert for your business on for a period of 6 months. The Leaderboard and Button adverts will be displayed on the Home Page as well as on the majority of inner pages whilst the MPU will be displayed on the Home Page.

Prices are as follows:
Leaderboard = ?59
MPU = ?49
Button = ?39
All prices exclude VAT at 23%

The image below gives you an idea of the types of adverts we are referring to:


As a small business we know how different businesses have different requirements and as such we are extremely flexible in our approach to advertising. For example if we find that a particular ad isn’t working, we can make changes and run it again.

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Alternatively, contact your account manager directly.