Dependable? Embarrassing? Survey shows relationship we have with Dad

PhotoBox research finds that over a third rely on their dad to fix things in their home

You can always rely on your dad to go above and beyond for you. That’s according to a new survey* by the print company, PhotoBox. The new research, carried out among 333 Irish adults, aims to examine the special bond we share with our dads ahead of Father’s Day on the 21st June.

Dependable Dad

According to the survey, almost three quarters (71%) say that their dad is the person in their life that goes above and beyond to help them, and a fifth (19%) say that he is a great advice giver. Given that many of us admire our dad’s kind nature, it’s no surprise that more than half (54%) of those questioned say they think women tend to marry men that share similar qualities to their father.

So reliant are we on our dads, that over a third (37%) say they turn to their dad when they want things fixed around the house and almost half (46%) claim their father is much better at fixing things than their partner!

Perfect presents

According to the PhotoBox survey, when it comes to Father’s Day gifts, nine out of ten intend to buy their dad a present this Father’s Day, however 64% say that they find their dad more difficult to buy for than their mum. The survey also found that a personalised gift is the number one choice for Dad, with 90% saying they think it’s the most thoughtful gift. A photo of all the family is the most likely photograph that we would put on to a personalised gift for Dad (34%).

Embarrassing Daddies

When it comes to our most embarrassing memory of our dads from our childhood, over a third (34%) say giving out to them in front of their friends was their most cringe worthy moment. 19% of those surveyed, say their dad singing in public mortified them the most, while 18% say that him dancing in front of their friends left them red faced.

The PhotoBox survey also asked for our favourite memories of our dad growing up. Going on road trips with all the family, being taught to ride a bike and going to GAA matches were some of our best memories that we had with our dads.

Some of the key findings from the survey were:

– 71% Irish people say their dad is a person who goes above and beyond for them

– 37% rely on their dad to fix things around the house

– 46% say their dad is much better at fixing things than their partner

-54%say they think women tend to marry men that share similar qualities to their father

– A personalised gift is our top choice of present for Dad this Father’s Day
Robert May from PhotoBox commented ?We can see from our research that many of us want to thank Dad for his advice and support this Father’s Day, but that we find him much harder to buy for than Mum. By talking with our customers, we have found that the best gifts, are more often than not the personal ones. We have some great new products, like the Dad Photo Book and new ranges of phone cases and mugs which anyone can personalise using their favourite photos of Dad and the family to create something really special this year.?

*Survey conducted on 333 people, aged 18 + (87% female, 13% male)