Week 30/31 – Pregnancy, holidays, heat, kids

We are just back from beautiful sunny Spain. We had a great break, however I have to say I was ready for home towards the end.

It hit 43 degrees one day which was too hot for any pregnant lady. We had to stay in that evening as it was just like hair dryers on the highest heat blowing hot air at me.

I was grumpy, clammy and tired so there was no point in going outside the door. Instead we put on the aircon and relaxed cause that’s what holidays are for, right?

This is my list of pros of my holiday abroad whilst pregnant:

Siestas everyday. Every single day. Bliss!
Late nights out and late morning lie ins. Falling into the Spanish way of life, the kids were up late most nights, resulting in them waking up later than usual
The children making friends with other kids so not constantly relying on us to entertain them
Having no routine. No real plans. Chilling out
Swimming as much as possible
People offering me to skip the queues at bathrooms. One of the great pregnancy benefits!

And of course the cons:
The heat. Wow. i never knew heat could be so exhausting.
Not sleeping well at night due to heat and just not being in your own bed while heavily pregnant.
Expanding day by day therefore some clothes not being very comfy – *TIP* – wear shorts or 3/4 lengths due to thighs chaffing (ouch) in the heat. Shorts are more practical and way more comfortable.

I have midwives appointment this week. They called saying the clinic was very busy so they are calling up to my house which I am delighted about. This midwife led unit is fantastic. They are coming to me rather than me going to them. I am going to ask if the children can be there for the fetal monitor so the children can hear the baby’s heartbeat.

I didn’t mind coming home from holidays this time as we have so much to look forward to over the next few months.

I need to get my backside in gear now and start organising where all my bits are for the baby. I’d like to have my bag ready by week 36 and have my birthplan organised too.

Only 6 weeks left at work which is so exciting. My first day back I was exhausted. I was really missing out on my siesta. Roll on the weekend to revert to Spanish holidays again as the weather is still fantastic and I’m definitely going to make the most of it. Hope you do too….
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