Week 29/30 – A little practice

As we are out of the baby stage in our house, my sister thought I could do with a bit of re-training and dropped her little girl (17 months) over to me for an afternoon.

She had a nap and was happy to come to me and didn’t make strange….great start I thought then she started making funny faces at me. I had totally forgotten the concentration when a child’s poo was coming. It had been a while since I changed a nappy and she sure did make the first one I had to do in a while a memorable one.

She is so adorable though, a busy little lady always looking for the next thing to do but it made me realise how much energy I am going to need again for a toddler. My energy levels are low some days due to the expanding bump in front of me.

Just looking back I now think the baby stage has to be the easiest and I am getting so excited heading for week 30. It is busy organising feeds, getting their sleep routines sorted, changing them numerous times a day bit its not until they start moving is when it really notches up a gear in busyness.

My energy levels are low some days due to the expanding bump in front of me. I seem to remember on the first two pregnancies having lots of energy. not this time though. Maybe it’s an age thing!

All this talk about Garth Brooks reminds me of week 39 of my first pregnancy, sitting in Croke Park, huge, full of energy, listening and singing to U2 live. I cant imagine being able to walk up the stairs in the house at week 39 this time!

Bring it on though

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