Week 27/28 – Making time for myself!

Still loving the weather. If only Ireland was like this every summer, we wouldn’t feel the need to go anywhere.
We are just back from beautiful west Cork. We did a house swap with one of my friends. I think hotels are now overrated in terms of going for a break with the children. It would be a different story it was just myself and hubbie of course.

It’s so exciting for the children, going to someone elses house playing with their toys, sleeping in their bunk beds etc. and the big bonus is…..you don’t have to pay for the privilege.

Met up with some pals this weekend who all have children. We stayed overnight in a hotel, just the three of us. I love my children dearly but it’s great to get a night away! I love talking to friends about pregnancy, sharing tips and stories and of course having a delicious 3 course meal cooked for you, followed only a few hours later (or so it seemed) by a beautiful breakfast.

Am feeling good these past couple of weeks. Went for an appointment with the midwife. This is my first pregnancy going down the route of midwife-led appointments. All good thank god. The midwife led unit is fantastic. It saves so much time between driving into town, paying for parking, looking for parking, keeping an eye on the meter, getting through traffic….stress in general. This way you can park close to the midwife building, waiting times are definitely less and overall it means way less stress (getting there early meant I was one of the first in line) and the midwives make the appointment less clinical.

The midwife I met was so lovely and I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler. She did the usual checks; blood pressure, urine, measured the baby and we had a general chat. Appointments will be more frequent from now on. GP visit in 2 weeks, followed by midwife appointment 2 weeks later and the same pattern follows until the baby is born. It’s making it feel really close now.

Our 2 children are getting so excited. Every night while reading, they ask me to stop their story so they can chat to the baby for a while. They pull up my top and start singing and chatting into my belly button.
I just thought this week I really should start taking videos and pictures of my bump. I can’t remember what I looked like being pregnant on my first two pregnancies.

It’s funny how emotions and hormones play havoc on your body while you are pregnant. I have been thinking about how I looked or how I felt on past pregnancies and just can’t remember so I am going to get my hubbie to take loads of pictures of me my bump and the children.

Also had glucose test which wasn’t too bad. My dad had diabetes so I had to get the test done. I had to fast from 7.30 the night before. Had fasting bloods at 7.30am and drank loads of lucozade which wasn’t as bad as I remembered but having to drink it in 10 mins was a tough task. Had bloods again at 8.30 and 9.30 then job done.

Glad to be in my 3rd trimester, I’m on the home run now. Getting so excited about the idea of baby cuddles but not the idea of sleepless nights. The one thing I have to try and remember is the late night feeds and sleepless nights are only for such a short time. The baby will only be small for a while. Having had 2 babies already I just think blink and you miss it. You go from birth and the next thing you know is that have gone through so many stages so I just need to enjoy the moment put up with the tiredness and enjoy the baby cuddles.

Until next week x