The crack of dawn! (almost)

ok so we put the kids to bed generally between 7.30 and 8 most nights. The ?downside? to this is that they tend to wake early. But why oh why for the last 2 mornings have they been up at 7am??

N strolled into me this morning at 7:01 am with her bunny, jake and the neverland pirates book and a cup of water in hand. Bleary-eyed and groggy-voiced I asked told her to get back into bed for another half hour or so. Surprisingly enough she turned around and walked back into her room without an argument and I heard her climbing into bed. Great!

48 seconds later, she comes back into my room with the same bunny, book and water combo as the first time. ?Is this 30 minutes? she says?..knowing full well it’s not!

We repeated the process 3 times which took us up to 7:06am, when I gave in and let her hop into bed. And so began 20 minutes of me reading the Jake book to N and bunny.

In the other room B was happily telling me how his nappy was full of poo. At that stage it was time to get up.

The day was only but a pup??