My Pregnancy

My Backround

I am a mam of two little messers who are the apples of my eye. My little girl is almost 5 and my boy is 3. They are great craic altogether but things can get hectic between working outside the home, having a home to run with my husband, his work and day to day activities that need to be done such as cleaning, cooking, washing etc (all the boring stuff but someone’s gotta do it and unfortunately the budget doesn’t allow for a cleaner)

I love having quality time with my friends and family. It is so nice to have a plan in the pipeline whether it is a night away with the girls or a catch up with family.

The nights out with the girls are getting sparse as most of us have children now and it is really hard to agree on a date and we are all over Ireland so organising an event needs to be done months in advance. It usually consists of meeting up in a hotel somewhere with a spot of shopping and a spa treatment if the funds allow. We go for dinner in the hotel and natter and booze the night away. Luckily it only happens every now and again or we would be broke and in the Betty Ford Clinic detoxing. There is nothing like it though, catching up with friends and having a laugh. I think sometimes as mums we are too hard on ourselves and don’t make enough time for things we really enjoy doing as we are too busy with day to day duties. We should let the men take over from time to time. It’s good for them!!!

I have never documented my pregnancy online before. I always wrote in a pregnancy journal but online is the way to go and my plan is to print off this little summary when I’m done!!

How we found out

I had been out with work 2 nights previously and was still feeling exhausted/hungover etc.

Now I know what you are thinking! Generally a mum of two after a night out can take up to a week if you have been on the sauce. We wouldn’t be letting our other halves know that we were suffering. We would go on with the show and prove that we are the usual multi taskers, and daily grinders that we always are in organising children, playdates, dinners, cleaning, working etc.

It was Saturday and the penny dropped, how could I be this tired?

I had two good sleeps, a run that morning and a shower but that wasn’t hitting the spot. I was about 4 or 5 days late but that wasn’t unusual for me. My Periods had always been irregular. They could range anything from 1 – 6 weeks late but this time I was feeling different. I had bought cheap tests the previous year as with periods being so irregular every now and again the fear would kick in and I’d need to know what was going on with my body.

The plan was we weren’t trying but thought if it happened in the next year that it would be great. Trying is no fun, you are constantly clock watching saying I think its time….you know wink wink, nudge nudge!! Its’ so much better when ye are just happy enough to do the do whenever ye fancy you know…Ahem sex!!

So, I thought better pull out one of those cheap tests and see what the story is. I am either seriously getting old and cannot cope with a night out or maybe just maybe I might be pregnant. So there was a slight line after about 2 minutes so I called up my hubbie who was downstairs organising lunch for the children. He literally got 2 seconds as my 2 monkeys were shouting up Daddy I’m starving. He just said nah I doubt it, it’s not a stong line so I thought I will leave it for a while and try again tomorrow.

5 minutes later I tried again, I am sure I must be the same as every other woman in the same position. You just cannot wait, you need to know NOW!!!! So I got another cheapie test and this time the line was still a bit darker but I couldn’t be 100% positive. So up I get into the cupboard knowing there had to be a proper test there from 3 years ago. It may have been out of date but now I was looking for a proper answer. I was getting excited but didn’t want to be over excited incase I would get a land.

I found a digital test and hay presto POSITIVE. The news eventually seeped in and we are delighted to be adding another little messer to our brood.

Weeks 5 – 9

The highlight of these weeks was being able to keep my eyes open passed 10. I felt nausous, tired, bloated, grumpy and just fat. It is so hard being pregnant not being able to blurt out “I’m Pregnant” so you can justify why you look so pale and tired but I wanted to hold off and wait for a scan before announcing our big news.

Week 9 – 13

I put on a few pounds and my jeans were starting to get tight. I think it is so hard to believe you are pregnant until you can see your baby scan in hospital or hear a heartbeat through a doppler. Apart from achy boobs, additional discharge (yuck) a feeling of general unwellbeing and tiredness – all the signs were looking good.