My Pregnancy – Week 24/25

The time is flying by now and rather than just looking fat, I’m really looking pregnant. My hips, tighs and bum and starting to get into proportion with my bump and the rest of my body now.

Apart from Low Blood Pressure, I am feeling good. I went to a concert this week, went out for dinner, went for walks, swims and caught up with some friends along with lots of work and plenty of family time so all in all I’m doing well. The only thing I have to watch out for is when I’m sitting down and get up that i’m not getting up too fast. I get really dizzy and faint so need to just take things a bit easier.

I noticed my bump move this week which I thought was really early but it was great for the children to see it and again lovely for reassurance.

Had my check up with the doctor and heard the baby’s heartbeat. I had all my checks and everything is fine. Enjoying the nice weather now without being swollen or too hot (for now anyways)

Until next time…..