My pregnancy week 22/23

Week 22/23

Feeling good this week. Managed a swim, yoga and a few short walks. I am determined to be fit for labour.
It definitely helped on the last two labours so I’m going to follow suit and hope ill get the same results – good labours, no epidural,no tears and healthy babies etc.
So this week my little boy told me we were having a boy and we should call him Douglas! I wondered where did the name Douglas come from and when I was reading to him going to bed that night.
One of the Thomas the tank trains are Douglas! They are gas where they get their little thoughts from.
I started thinking about my birth preference so here are my thoughts so far:

Before Labor Begins

As long as baby and I are healthy, I would like to go over for between 7 – 10 days before being induced.
I would like to labour at home for as long as possible.


I want my husband to be with me at all times during labour
I would like to keep vaginal examinations to a minimum
I would like to keep mobile while in labour for as long as possible using the medicine ball, yoga breathing, walking, shower etc.
Please only offer me pain medication if I ask for it
I would prefer not to have an episiotomy, encourage me to breath properly so baby will crown slowely

I plan on researching the actual delivery and after birth and will put the full plan together over the next few weeks

Until next week…