My Pregnancy

Week 20

Yahoooo….half way there!!

Wasn’t feeling too bad this week. Definately felt the baby moving and the children are coming up with wierd and wacky names every day, shouting into my belly button waiting for a reaction from the baby.

Ended up in the doctors during the week as I thought i had SPD (pelvic pain) well I won’t make a doctor anyways as I misdiagnosed myself. I have a hernia. He said once the baby moves position, the area won’t be as pressurised. Low and behold the following day I was as right as rain.

Looking forward to going for my anomoly scan next week.

I need to start figuring out what I need for the baby, what needs to be borrowed etc.

I started pregnancy Yoga this week. It was fabulous, one hour for me and the baby. One hour to totally unwind and focus in on the baby. The instructor gave us lots of ideas on being in charge of labour through breathing and using different techniques to get through pain. Love it, love it, love it!!

Until next week……enjoy the weather…..that’s if we ever get fine weather that is…..