My Pregnancy

this post will bring you up to speed on where I am now, heading into my 20th week…..

Week 13.

Trip to rotunda,going public this time and expected it would take some time for first appointment. I met a lovely midwife who went through all my history, had bloods taken and finally got to see our baby. Feel so much better to see our baby bouncing around. All looked good, I was so looking forward to getting home to telling the children. My plan was to show them the scan and asked them if they knew what it was. They hadn’t a clue so I told them mammy has a baby in her tummy and it will be coming after they go to school and Montessori in the autumn time!
Their response was yahoo we are going to get bunk beds!!! Bless

Week 14

Still feel exhausted. I am starting to sound like a moaney cow.I love weekends so we can get a little rest/nap during the day. It lengthens my evening it means I can manage to stay awake past 10.
I told work this week. Everyone was surprised as they all thought 2 was our limit. We love a challenge!!!

Week 15

I see light at the end of the tunnell. Starting to feel a bit normal. I have some energy. Got out for a few nice walks. The children are looking for baby facts each week. I love babytime as it give short snippets of information rather than a chapter on each day. This week I could tell them the baby was the size of an apple. I’m expanding everyday. Half a stone on now which is a bit rediculous but I do like choccie in the evenings when the kids go to bed and I have an hour or two to relax. Need to hold back a bit or i will be the size of a house

Week 16/17

I am having really strange dreams. Last night we crash landed a plane and I saved everyone – so strange! Other really random dreams.

Week 18

Had to go maternity shopping. All of a sudden clothes aren’t fitting. It may be due to the fact that we had Easter last week and I thought it would be much better for me to eat the childrens easter eggs rather than fill them with junk. My dreams are still crazy, I think my husband is going to go nuts, I have to tell him as soon as I wake up so he can remind me about them later on in the day as I always forget. The children are really starting to get excited about the baby. My little fact on the baby’s size this week was that it was the size of a pepper.
They have started lifting up my top shouting into my belly telling their brother or sister all the news.

Week 19

I have had a few offers of baby clothes/cots etc and now I am thinking all of a sudden I am almost half way there. The kids remind me everyday how pregnant I am but all of a sudden I am almost half way there. I am getting excited now at the prospect of meeting our little baby.