8 Tips to Make Life Easier with a New Baby

Tips to Make Life Easier with a New Baby? Do they exist? We know from experience that everyone is different. Every baby is different. What works for some may not work for others. So take this advice for what it’s worth and do what is comfortable for you and your baby.

  1. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

If someone says to you, “If there’s anything I can do, just let me know” then they have literally asked for it. Let them help. Get into the habit of taking people at their word and accept their offers of assistance. If they meant it, they will be glad to give you a hand. If they didn’t then they will learn a valuable lesson about offering! Things that seem impossible to you, like just nipping to the shop for some essentials, are not a huge hassle for someone coming to visit. Equally, when someone visits and wants to hold your new-born, take the opportunity to get something done. Chat while you fold laundry or even better, escape for a half-hour snooze while they gaze adoringly at the little one. Chances are, they won’t even notice.

  1. Be Realistic

You really don’t have to have the ironing done. Your home doesn’t have to look like a show-house. Clothes can have some baby sick on them. Your hair doesn’t have to be straightened or curled or even washed every day. When things threaten to overwhelm you, cut things down so that the priorities are covered – baby is healthy and happy, you are healthy and happy and there is enough clean laundry and food to keep you clothed and fed. Everything else is a bonus.

On the days when you manage to get lots done, celebrate it but don’t use it as a stick to beat yourself with when you have a day when nothing constructive gets done. Every day comes with new challenges.  Just because you look around you at the end of it and the house looks the same or you get to midnight and realise you still haven’t had your shower, remember the things you did get done, even if the only thing you can think of is the fact that you kept both yourself and the baby alive. Some days, that is enough.

  1. Life Hack

If there is an easier way to do things, then take that shortcut! Make things simpler wherever you can. This might mean doing things differently for a while. Making a few sacrifices in order to keep your sanity just makes sense. Stop doing unnecessary chores. Organise your nappy changing area for maximum efficiency. Keep a stash of essential baby clothes in the living room to save running upstairs for things Shop online. Download baby apps that tell you when you last fed or changed. Find shortcuts and then use them!

  1. Buy in Bulk.

Buy in bulk – especially when it comes to baby essentials. Those giant packs of nappies and boxes of baby wipes? Those aren’t just for people with triplets and those who live miles from the nearest shop; once you actually get them through the checkout and wrestle them into the boot of the car; they are actually incredibly handy and often better value than buying multiple small packs.

Even better, as long as you meet the minimum charge for delivery, place a supermarket order for delivery that consists of everything you will need for a month or two; nappies, wipes, nappy cream, toiletries, cotton wool, cotton buds, colic drops, chocolate and nice soft drinks for middle of the night feeds. Knowing you have an impressive stash of bum cream, a stack of nappies that the local day-care nursery would be proud of and enough wet wipes to last until baby is 18 feels really great.

  1. Sleep When They Do

I know from experience that this is clearly not always possible, but it’s worth trying.

It’s one of those things that people say and you don’t really pay any attention to but honestly, this is the one crucial piece of advice that new parents should follow. If you sleep, you can handle everything else. If you don’t sleep, you might get the dishwasher loaded but you will find it harder to remember things, harder to enjoy things, harder to cope with the unexpected.

The early days pass so quickly; when baby goes down for a nap, curl up on the sofa or go to bed for a while. You might not sleep your best sleep and it might not last long, but making a deposit in your sleep bank prepares you for life in a way that nothing else can quite match.

  1. Eat Easy

Don’t forget to eat, and make cooking and eating as easy as possible. If you cook, make enough for double portions and freeze it for another day. Batch cooking is an easy and effective way to have homemade meals without the fuss and you will be so glad that you stowed away a healthy dinner when you have had a long, draining day. The best way to eat is to keep it simple – buy a selection of salads from a local deli and nibble throughout the day, have your groceries delivered, ask your family or friends to bring you food instead of flowers and endless bay clothes. Search out healthy option takeaways and allow yourself the occasional not-so-healthy takeaway. Food should not be stressful; during the new-born phase, you simply need to eat regularly, so don’t sweat the details.

  1. Warmth and Security

Ok, this is an actual baby-care tip but a lot of it will apply to tired, anxious parents as well. We all want to feel warm and secure. Swaddling your baby (special swaddling blankets are available and always ask for advice from your health visitor or midwife on swaddling) can make them feel the security and warmth they enjoyed before birth.

If you have one of those little ones that is happy and gorgeous when held but turns into a screaming, wriggling nightmare as soon as you put them down, then using a swaddling blanket, baby sleeping bag (if your baby is big enough – always check the labels) or warming up the Moses basket, cradle or cot before putting them down, can all make a huge difference.

A warm water bottle placed into the cot and removed just before you put baby down can save you hours of frustration. On a side note, lack of sleep, hormone changes and stress can all make you feel chilly – wrap yourself up too and enjoy some comfort.

  1. Say “NO”

“I’m tired, my baby is unsettled, my house is a mess, I need a shower and I need to eat… my friend wants to visit… how do I say no?” This is a question that plagues many parents of new-born babies in those early days (and sometimes they’re 3 and you’re still trying to fob off visitors). The answer is devastatingly simple. Say… no. You don’t have to explain yourself.

No-one is entitled to visit you or spend time with your baby unless it suits you. You will soon find that your list of friends, family and acquaintances divides itself up into 3 groups – those you actually reach out to and call to come and help when everything is a total mess, those you don’t mind seeing you when you aren’t at your best (but you clear the pile of laundry off the sofa for them and wash your hair before they arrive) and those you need a few hours (or days) to prepare for.

That’s ok, unless they migrate into one of the other two groups, they are going to have to wait. Don’t feel guilty. Your baby, your home; your rules.

Prices Fall at Dublin Zoo to Celebrate the Arrival of Autumn!

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the arrival of autumn with a very special, limited time only offer. Every Saturday and Sunday from 29th September until 21st October inclusive, visitors can avail of a 50% discount on day tickets when purchased at the admissions gate at Dublin Zoo.*

Nestled in the heart of the Phoenix Park, don?t miss the chance to experience Dublin Zoo in what is a truly breath-taking, autumnal setting. Among the golden, leafy surroundings, visitors will see the latest additions to Dublin Zoo?s wildlife family including three California sea lion pups and twelve Chilean flamingo chicks.

Dublin Zoo Bongo

Make sure to also keep an eye out for those who perfectly complement the natural surroundings of the new season, Dublin Zoo?s red pandas, Eastern bongos, giraffe herd and Bornean orangutans as they swing overhead.

*Discounted tickets must be purchased in person at Dublin Zoo and are not available to buy online.

Dublin Zoo, a not-for-profit organisation, is open seven days a week from 9.30am to 6pm from March ? September and from 9.30am to 5.30pm in October. For further information on Dublin Zoo visit www.facebook.com/dublinzoo, www.dublinzoo.ie.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer grants half-price standard ticket entry to Dublin Zoo during the offer period
  2. Offer applies to single and family day tickets only
  3. Valid for tickets purchased at Dublin Zoo ticket office only
  4. Not valid for tickets purchased online
  5. Group rates and concessions not included
  6. Offer will run for 4 weekends only, for the following dates: 29th and 30th September, 6th and 7th October, 13th and 14th October and 20th and 21st October 2018
  7. Offer ends on Sunday 21st October at 4:30pm (last entry time to the Zoo)
  8. No refunds or exchanges will be made for online customers
  9. Tickets must be used on day of purchase
  10. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount
  11. Annual Passes are not included in this promotion

International Women’s Day 2018

On this International Women’s Day 2018, here are some facts and figures for Ireland.

Ireland had 2,407,437 females according to Census 2016. This was an increase of 91,884 or 4.0% on the previous census in 2011. In April 2016 the overall sex ratio of 97.8 males for every 100 females meant 53,009 more females than males in the State.

There were 30,617 or 4.4% more women than men in the Dublin region, the largest difference being in Dublin City which had just over 10,000 more women than men. Cork also had significantly more women than men with 5,518 or 2%. Galway City had 3,068 or 7.5% more women than men, but in Galway County this trend was reversed, with 336 more men than women.

The county with the highest number of men to women was Laois where there were 925 more men than women.

All the single ladies

According to Census 2016, there were 1,236,634 single ladies (of all ages!) out there, an increase of 3.0% on 2011. The number of divorcees increased 18.0% since the previous census.

Women were more likely to be married than single by the age of 33, while for men this happened at age 35. The peak age for persons separated or divorced was 53 years in 2016 compared with 48 years in 2011. Women were more likely to be widowed than married by the age of 79 compared with age 76 in 2011.

International Women's Day 2018

Happily ever after

There were 893,337 married women in Ireland in 2016, of which 27,146 or 3% were married for the second time. However this varies by age group as there were more remarried women than men between the ages of 25 and 44 years.

There were 450 female same-sex marriages in 2016, and for the first time, a category for registered same-sex civil partnership was included on the census form in Census 2016. There were 1,700 females who indicated on their census forms that they were in a registered same-sex civil partnership.
There were 21,570 marriages in Ireland in 2016, 2.1% less than in 2015.

International Women's Day 2018

Love at any age

Looking at marriage data, we can see that in 2016 there were 19 brides aged 75 years or older. Of these, 9 married grooms who were at least 10 years younger.

100 years young

After Census 2016, we saw there were 372 female centenarians; that is, ladies at 100 years or older, an increase of 11.0% on 2011.

International Women's Day 2018
International Women's Day 2018Image: shurkin_son/Shutterstock.com

What do women know?

In general, women were better educated than men in April 2016. In all 43.2 per cent of females aged 15 and over had a third level qualification, compared with 40.7 per cent of males. Among those aged 25 to 39, women tended to stay in education longer than men.

We can see the numbers of women who have attained different levels of education from the 2016 Census.

  • Vocational Higher Education: 148,594
  • Bachelor?s Degree: 314,258
  • Postgraduate diploma or degree: 164,431
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.): 12,743

Who cares? Women do!

The number of female carers increased by 3.5% to 118,151 between 2011 and 2016 and made up 60.5% of all carers.
At the same time, the number of female carers under the age of 20 fell by 5.3% to 4,141.

Able women

There were 331,551 females of all ages with a disability recorded in Census 2016, an increase of 8.5% over Census 2011.

Some deadly statistics

In 1926 female life expectancy was 57.9 years. Between then and 2011 there was an increase of 24.9 years or 43.0%. Life expectancy (based on 2010-2012 data) for women is 82.8 years compared to 78.4 years for men.

There were 63,897 births in 2016 of which 31,078 were female.

The total number of female deaths was 14,891 that same year. The highest numbers of deaths among females were caused by Diseases of the Circulatory System which totalled 4,438 and Neoplasms which totalled 4,397. The highest numbers of deaths were among females in the 85 years and older age group and these totalled 4,482.

Source: CSO.ie

Irish Babies? Names 2017 and 1967


The CSO has today (28 February, 2018) released the most popular Irish Baby Names of 2017. Commenting on the report, Carol Anne Hennessy, statistician said: ?Jack has reclaimed the top spot as the most popular baby boys name in 2017, a position it has held since 2007, with the exception of 2016, when James was the most popular choice. Jack was followed by James, Daniel, Conor and Sean as the first five most popular names for boys in 2017.

Back in 1967, John, Michael, Patrick, James and Paul were the names most favoured by parents of newborn baby boys. While there were 2,981 baby boys named John 50 years ago, taken together the five most popular boys? names in 2017 accounted for 2,765 baby boys.

Top 5 Boys and Girls Names in Ireland 2017

Emily, Emma, Amelia, Grace and Sophie were the top five names of choice by parents for their newly arrived baby girls. Interestingly, not one of these five names appeared in the top 100 names for girls a half century earlier. Mary, Margaret, Catherine, Ann and Anne were the most popular names for baby daughters in 1967. In 2017, there were 459 baby girls named Emily, which was almost 17% of the 2,591 girls given the name Mary in 1967.

As is evident from the tables, girls are given a wider variety of names than boys, with 4,493 girls’ names registered compared to 3,472 boys.

Theo and Jackson were new entrants into the top 100 for boys in 2017. Theo jumped 33 places in the rankings since 2016 up from 106 to 73 in 2017. Jackson was ranked 128 in 2016 and took 99th?position in 2017, an improvement of 29 places.

There were four new entrants to the top 100 for girls: Aoibhin, Nina, Pippa and Esma. Aoibhin and Nina showed the most growth in popularity in girls? names between 2016 and 2017. Aoibhin was ranked 68th?in 2017 up 82 places from 150 in 2016. Nina also improved position, up from 140 in 2016 to a rank of 99?in 2017, a jump of 41 places.

Irish Babies Names 2017 - Infographic - CSOSource: CSO.ie

In 2017, Jack was the top name for boys in Kildare, Louth, Meath, Wexford, Wicklow, Clare, Cork City and County, Kerry, North Tipperary, Waterford County and Mayo. It also shared top spot in South Dublin with Adam and James. In Limerick City, Jack shared the honours with Adam, while Jack along with Conor was the most popular in Laois.

Emily proved most popular for baby girls in Carlow, South Dublin, Fingal, Kildare, Longford, Westmeath, Limerick County, Galway City and Mayo. Emily shared the top spot with Chloe in Galway County and with Amelia and Aoife in Clare.

Where both parents were Irish, Jack was the most popular name for boys and Emily was the most popular for girls. Charlie and Hannah took the top spot for boys and girls respectively where both parents were UK nationals in 2017.

Some less popular names for boys included Saul, Seaghan and Marley. Less popular girls? names included Everly, Teegan and Romi.?

Read More at?www.cso.ie/en/releasesandpublications/ep/p-ibn/irishbabiesnames2017/intro/

Most Popular Baby Names 2014:??www.babytime.ie/tools/rss-misc/576-most-popular-baby-names-in-ireland-are-2015-2/

The 7 Stages of My 2-Year-Old in a Restaurant

Taking a child to a restaurant is a challenge. We need more child friendly restaurants! There are some children who are perfect. I just wish mine was like that. Of course, I?m the one with an excitable and impatient 2-year-old who isn?t interested in listening to mammy. What does that get me in a restaurant? These 7 stages!

Stage #1: Excited

It?s a trip out and the first emotion has to be excitement. My 2-year-old wants to know where we?re going, what we?re doing, and who we?ll meet. Depending on the restaurant, she?s excited about meeting the staff who will have colouring books and balloons at the ready. Even a place we?ve been to before is exciting, because something tends to change.

Stage #2: Curious

What?s that black mark on the floor? Why is that woman over there eating an ice cream? What?s going on behind the door that says ?staff only? (not like we can read the words)? These are all questions my 2-year-old likely asks inside her own head. She wants to be everywhere at once, and isn?t going to settle for anything.

Stage #3: Impatient

Food is ordered and now it?s time to wait for it to come. Of course, once the food is ordered, the 2-year-old expects it to be on the table right away. We can just take the picture off the menu, right? This leads to the impatient stage. We want food right now and we will scream until it comes.

Stage #4: Placated

That is until the drinks come. Now they?re here, we?re a little more placated. We?re happy to have a few mouthfuls and go back to the colouring book we were given earlier. Or we?ve found a toy in mummy?s bag or realised we can flick juice all over big brother. It?s fun for a while, until?

Stage #5: Frustrated

We need food again! The juice isn?t enough and we?ve just remembered that we were expecting our chicken fingers and fries. To make matters worse, big brother has his spaghetti and daddy has his burger. We just don?t understand why some food is already here and ours isn?t. There are tears, while mummy and daddy try to explain food will be here within the minute.

Stage #6: Happy

Finally, food is here and we?re able to finish a meal in sort-of-peace. Of course, there is some throwing of food on the floor and trying to feed others the soggy fries that we have. But there is happiness because we have a full tummy. And dessert followed the chicken fingers, which means ice cream is all over us and in our ?treat tummy.?

Stage #7: Sleepy

The final stage is definitely one of the other Dwarves from Snow White. Not that we?re fed and our tummies (because there are three, don?t ya know) are full, it?s time for sleep. But we can?t get to sleep in the high chair we?re in and we refuse to colour while mummy or daddy pay the bill. So, that means crying again and fighting with the high chair restraints until we?re out and able to escape to the car. Once there, we crash.

Yes, these are the stages of my 2-year-old in a restaurant. Like Ireland, which is able to get all four seasons in a day, we get every single emotion in the space of a couple of hours. But we wouldn?t have it any other way as parents, right?

Late Late Toy Show Tickets 2017

Yes it?s only October and not even Halloween yet, but the Late Late Toy Show is really only around the corner.

Tickets as always are like Gold Dust. Of course we?re sure most people go along for the fun, the entertainment, the singing and dancing and not merely for the huge volume of gifts that audience members usually walk away with.

RTE have opened the application process for tickets. You can apply HERE.

You will need to enter your personal details and answer a few questions. Demand is sure to be very high so be sure to make those answers stand out!

A few of the questions you can expect:

Q.?Tell us why you would make a good Toy Show audience member?

Q.?HOW do you celebrate Toy Show tradition and WHO is involved?

Q.?If you had to perform a party piece/special talent for The Late Late Toy Show, what would you do?

Here’s last years opening number:


Pregnacare Vitabiotics – ‘Keeping Mum’


Celebrating their new ?Keeping Mum? campaign, Pregnacare have a fantastic ?Glamorous? Hospital Bag from Hospitalbag.ie to give away to one lucky reader! Unveiling their new campaign, Pregnacare aim to lift the lid on the early stages of pregnancy and help mum?s-to-be look after themselves from diet, to rest, and everything in between!

For many mums, the first 12 weeks can be the toughest ? feeling unwell and trying to hide their pregnancy news! Pregnacare, the number one pregnancy supplement range in Ireland provide all the supplements required for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Across the Pregnacare range, each supplement contains the exact levels of folic acid and Vitamin D as advised for pregnancy and breast-feeding moms, as well as a number of other vitamins to boost your nutritional requirements when diet may not be able to!

To celebrate their ?Keeping Mum? campaign, Pregnacare are offering one reader a pre-packed ?Glamorous? Hospital Bag from Hospitalbag.ie, so you or someone in your life will have everything they need when your little one is on the way! To top it all off, we will include a 3 month supply of Pregnacare to make sure you?re feeling your best.

Glamorous Mum - producs and bags - Hospitalbag.ie

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Pregnacare? is the No. 1 pregnancy supplement range in Ireland. The range includes products for every stage of the pregnancy journey.? Available from leading pharmacies, health food stores and supermarkets nationwide, the range includes Pregnacare? Conception, Pregnacare? His & Her Conception, Pregnacare? Original, Pregnacare? Liquid, Pregnacare? Plus, Pregnacare? Max, Pregnacare? Breast-feeding and Pregnacare? New Mum.


Experience Santa’s Cove at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre

Santa?s Cove – The Naughty or Nice Christmas Experience at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre

Santa?s Cove at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre promises to be the ?Naughty or Nice? Christmas experience of 2017. As the world?s population grows bigger and bigger, Santa?s elves are under increasing pressure to make more innovative and interesting toys and decorations for children each Christmas.

After months of searching the globe high and low, Santa?s most trusted helpers Fidget McPhee and Spinners O?Shaughnessy have found the perfect location for Santa?s Cove, an enchanted wonderland where children can help create toys. They?ll also get the opportunity to meet Santa and find out how good they?ve been this year thanks to a marvellous invention, the ?Naughty or Nice Machine? which will be located exclusively at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Dublin from Sunday 19th November to 24th December 2017 www.santascove.eu.

Santa?s Cove will bring boys and girls on a magical journey as Spinners O?Shaughnessy and Fidget McPhee head the cast of elves with their theatrical humour and charisma. The magic begins as the children enter Yuletide Valley and undertake a festive obstacle course, bounce through the ball-pit, in which they will then embark on a simulated sleigh ride.

Christmas songs will be sung with the elves as the children make the virtual journey to the Igloo, where they will enter the Reindeer Food Room. Here they pack a bag of special reindeer food to bring home and put in their garden or fireplace on Christmas Eve for Santa?s arrival. Next is the Toy Makers Christmas Decoration Room, where the boys and girls will get the opportunity to make a decoration using child friendly silicon clay. Their hard work is rewarded with a visit to the Elves? cosy kitchen where Mrs Claus makes delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows.

The highlight of the visit will be the very special ?Naughty or Nice Machine?, which tells how good the child has been throughout the year. When the child sits into the chair, the machine will shake while deciding if he or she is Naughty or Nice. The information supplied about the child at the time of booking the ticket will be printed out and given to the child along with candy bars lollipops, redemption tickets for arcade and a ticket to visit Santa.

Each family will have a 3 minutes session with Santa. On entering Santa?s room a photograph will be taken and after their conversation, each child will be given a present.? As they begin to leave they will be called back and presented with a second small present.

Santa and his elves know that such an exciting experience can be a little intimidating for some children and so Santa?s cove will be hosting a series of exclusive sessions for children with special and sensory needs including for children with autism.

Santa?s Cove will run from Sunday 19th November to Sunday 24th December in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre. Each session lasts 1 hour 10 minutes and the cost is ?25 per child and ?12.50 per adult. To book visit www.santascove.eu

2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Ham Fillet

2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Ham Fillet

Against my better judgement I decided to try this 'recipe' out in the Slow Cooker despite there being no sign of any liquid. To my surprise and delight, it turned out to be the most delicious melt-in-the-mouth ham fillet I have ever cooked (and I've cooked loads!!) So, the HUGE list of ingredients is as follows: Ham Fillet Brown Sugar Yep, that's it. In my case, the Ham Fillet was approximately 1.7kg (1700 grams) and for that I used about 200 grams of brown sugar. I simply placed about 150 grams of brown sugar in the bottom of my slow cooker, rubbed the rest of the sugar over the ham fillet and placed it in the slow cooker. 7 to 7 and a half hours later on low, and the yummyness began. So much so that I hacked away at it before I lifted it out of the cooker. During cooking, the sugar dissolved to liquid form and mixed with the melting fat from the ham, produced enough liquid for the ham to cook. I highly recommend trying this!
2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Ham Fillet
Course Main Dish
Servings 8 people
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 7.5 hours


Recipe Notes

Encouraging Toddlers to Talk

Whether your child chatters away to themselves in a language only they understand, or whether they are the quiet type and save their words for the rarest of occasions, there are times when every parent wonders about their child?s speech development.

While checking guidelines as to how the speech should be developing at each stage and trying to monitor your child?s vocabulary might help you gain a better idea of where you child is developmentally, it is much more useful (and enjoyable) to simply make the most of some clever ideas on helping your toddler to communicate. Most children will talk in their own time, but if you have a reason to believe that your child is lagging behind and you are concerned, then speak to your health visitor or doctor who can investigate or give you peace of mind.

Describe, Describe, Describe

One of the best ways you can get your child talking and improve their vocabulary is to embark on a journey of description! So if you are walking through town, instead of pointing out a car or bus, ask your toddler if they can see the blue car, or tell them to look at the big green bus. By adding an adjective, you are subtly increasing your child?s vocabulary and teaching them important new ideas.

Ask Questions

Asking your toddler questions is a great way to get them chatting and it is easy to get them using new words using questions as a technique. This means talking about how you feel about something in a way that makes new words clear and communicating meaning to the child before asking what they think. So for example, tell your toddler, ?I really like sitting on the nice soft grass. The grass is lovely to sit on because it is soft?? then ask, ?Where do you like to sit?? or ?How does this grass feel??


Your toddler will be much more inclined to talk when they see you reacting positively to what they have to say. So listen. It sounds obvious, but it can be easy to tune out and not really take in what your little one is saying, especially if much of it sounds like nonsense. Listen, try to understand and then respond. It really helps if, instead of correcting a poorly pronounced word, you repeat the phrase with the correct sounds. So for example, if your child says ?The gog says woof?, instead of telling them that they have said it wrong, simply repeat the phrase correctly, ?Yes, the DOG says woof!?

RELATED: Helping Toddlers Learn through Play


Reading to your child is one of the best ways to teach them about intonation and sentence structure as well as increasing the vocabulary. Introduce new books and stories regularly and ask your child questions about what you have read. ?Do? the voices, add in your own details and enjoy the story ? not only will you be setting them up for life with a love of books, you will also be bonding with your child and helping them develop a rich sense of language.

Using Real Words

Most of us are ‘guilty’ of using baby talk in the course of talking to our child. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with baby talk – in small doses! Speak naturally to your child and they will respond using ‘real words’. Anyway it’s probably inevitable that they will be using text speak a lot at some point in the future!

Slow Down

It’s not a race. If you’re used to speaking like the tongue-twister twins from Bosco, then there’s a good chance your child won’t pick up a lot of what you’re saying. It’s best to slow your speech down so he can understand everything you are saying. there’s a chance that he will be focusing intently on your lips as you speak and speaking too fast may hinder his understanding.

Above all, be patient and enjoy all the new words your little one will be surprising you with.

Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo. See the Zoo in a New Light!

Dublin Zoo is excited to announce that this winter it will host a spectacular brand new event called Wild Lights!

Wild Lights is a magical night-time event, 5pm ? 9pm, featuring giant colourful lanterns and illuminated animal sculptures, inspired by wildlife.

Visitors to this must-see event will follow the enchanted trail, where they will discover the dazzling array of beautifully crafted enormous silk lanterns. They will then be wowed by the Chinese performers and crafts while enjoying Chinese foods and warm drinks.

Dublin Zoo Wild Lights

The production of Wild Lights will feature: 12,000 meters of silk, 19,000 bulbs, 5,000 meters of LED lights, 48,000 glass bottles and 215,000 pieces of porcelain weighing 9.5 tonnes. Visitors will marvel at the lanterns which will include a pride of lions, orangutans, tigers, giraffes, monkeys and much more! Other highlights include a 16-metre high porcelain elephant tower and a 30-meter long Chinese dragon.? Everything will be handmade specifically for Dublin Zoo.

Lighting up the skyline of Dublin, this awe-inspiring festival of lights promises to be an unforgettable experience where friends, families and groups can come together during the festive period.

Tickets for the event go on sale to the general public on September 15th at 9am and are only available from www.dublinzoo.ie. Annual pass holders can exclusively avail of two days early booking on

September 13th and 14th.

Opening details

Wild Lights opens on Friday 3rd November 2017 and runs until Sunday 7th January 2018. Throughout November, Wild Lights will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Opening times will be extended to seven days a week for December, except for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St Stephen?s Day. The night time spectacular will then run from December 27th right through to January 7th. See notes to editor for more details.*


Admission to Wild Lights will be ?20 for adults and ?15 euro for children. Special rates of ?18 euro for adults and ?12 euro for children are available for annual pass holders. Children under the age of three go free. Tickets on sale from September 15th and are only available at www.dublinzoo.ie .

Speaking about Wild Lights, Leo Oosterweghel, Director of Dublin Zoo, said:

I am very excited to announce that Dublin Zoo will host Wild Lights for the first time ever! This is going to be a really special and unique event for visitors to enjoy this festive season. At Dublin Zoo, we constantly strive to offer new and memorable experiences for our visitors. Wild Lights is the first of its kind event in Ireland!