Making bathtime fun for babies

Some babies love bathtime, others aren?t so keen. Whether your baby loves it or hates it, there are lots of things you can do to make it more fun. Your baby will soon learn to enjoy the different toys and activities and see bathtime as fun time.

Bathtime Activities for Young Babies (0-6 months)

Baths for younger babies are usually quite short. Younger children can also find bathtime daunting so any bathtime activities should be geared towards making them feel more comfortable. Lots of eye contact, chatting and singing will make bathtime fun. Use simple brightly coloured toys or water-proof bath books to distract them and use the time to point out parts of baby’s body. It can help increase body awareness to name each part of the body as you wash it, and of course a tickle here and there can make the whole process lots more fun!

Bathtime Activities for older babies (6+ months)

? Bath toys come in all shapes and sizes but don?t forget to make things interesting by adding in other objects that are safe to play with in the water. Try adding plastic cups and plates, spoons and sieves, and show baby how these things can make the water move differently. Waterproof bath books make bathtime even more fun.

? Your little one will be fascinated by watching you fill various vessels and then pour water out of them so pour water from a height and let it trickle over hands, tummies and toes.

? Singing ? bathtime sing-alongs make the water more fun, especially if you include songs about the sea, ducks, rain and other watery things.

? Stories ? if your little one is safely in a bath support or can sit up safely in the bath, then read a book while they are in the tub. Or make up a story about a sea side adventure or a deep sea diver? use your imagination to get your little one using theirs.

? Bubbles ? bubble bath undoubtedly makes bathtime more fun, for all ages! Step this fun up a notch by blowing bubbles using a bubble wand while baby is in the bath. He will love reaching for them and watching the colours and it will draw his attention to the bubbles in the tub.

? Splashing ? your baby won?t need any encouragement to learn this one, encourage baby to splash with their hands, then their feet. They will love to make the water splash, especially if you make a big show of getting wet!

Bathtime can be fun for babies of all ages. Making small changes in what your baby does in the bath can make it all seem very exciting. On a warm day, you can use a baby bath and bathe baby outdoors (taking care to avoid direct sunlight) or use water in any number of ways for creative (messy) play, watering plants, washing toys? the list is endless. Making bathtime and water play fun now will make bathtimes easier as your little one grows up. Bathtime can be a great opportunity for learning and having fun, for you as well as for your baby; a happy bathtime can mean a relaxed baby who is more ready to sleep well through the night.