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15 Excuses My Kids Give Me For Not Eating!

Meal time in any house with a small child can be quite a spectacle. If it’s not sweets, cheese, or seen eaten by another sibling then it’s not going to be easy to get past their lips. How many times have you heard ‘But I don’t like that’ when they were just eating that very same meal the week before? We know. Anything to get out of a (healthy) meal.

Guess they figure if they try it once that covers them for life (wouldn’t that be nice). But kids love to protest. They love to take their dirty hands and upside down signs and march against the establishment who is making them eat food that is not in their two favorite food groups – sugar and chocolate

Today we’ve compiled a list of excuses we’ve all heard our children say in order to try and get out of eating whatever non-sugary food was being presented to them.


1. I’m not hungry.

The mother of all excuses. It’s baffling how long kids can go without eating anything but handful of mandarin oranges and still have more energy than their mother and father combined.


2. I’m busy.

Seriously? You’re 3 years old.


3. I don’t eat coloured food.

Because now your child has decided that the wheat bread and peanut butter that they loved yesterday is brown so no longer edible.


4. The smiley is very smiley.

C’mon parents. Don’t you know that if you don’t take the time to make the exact proportions on the smiley on their pancake they won’t eat it?


5. Why do I have to eat trees.

It’s great that your child is so environmentally friendly, but even after explaining to them repeatedly that the broccoli on their plate isn’t a tree and they don’t budge, you might want to switch up game plans.


6. Because it will kill me.

This is when food faces go wrong. Very wrong.


7. Because it’s all wrong.

The cereal is too colourful and bright, while the toast is too crunchy. You can’t win here.


8. It’s dirty.

No, honey. That’s called seasoning.


9. It’s too wet.

When they won’t eat their pineapple because it’s just too wet (try juicy and delicious) you might want to switch to veggies.


10. I don’t like chicken. I only like chicken nuggets.

Darn you, McDonald’s.


11. My fruit is touching my noodles.

To be honest, there are a few adults out there that are still like this. Moving on.


12. I’m just eating [insert food here] from now on.

Once a kid makes an allegiance to something it’s really hard to break.


13. Food is super bad for you.

No. The Milky Bar you want to weasel me into giving you is super bad for you.


14. It’s the wrong coloured plate.

Didn’t you get the memo about only using the blue plate?


15. It’s too fancy.

It’s mac and cheese to spiral pasta instead of elbow.

It’s hard to say why kids make a big deal out of eating food that is given to them. Maybe to test the parents. Maybe to exercise their right to protest. Either way, you have to give them credit where credit’s due. They’re quite creative and persistent.