Lost your Sleep Routine? Get Back on Track

Getting back on track when you have lost your baby’s sleep routine isn’t easy. What seemed like a perfect system can soon slide and before you know it, there are barely any traces of that polished schedule left.

Avoid Losing your Routine

Firstly, recognizing the signs that you are in fact losing the routine you so carefully established, is an important ability. Know when you are losing track of things and you will be able to nip any problems in the bud before they become irreparable.

How does Routine Slide?

The following are reasons your baby’s sleep routine may be disrupted and how you can deal with the issue and stop it becoming a problem.

? Had a night out? Having a baby doesn’t mean being glued to a regimented schedule ? there will always be times when you aren’t at home and your little one has a later night than usual, is put to bed in a less familiar place or without the usual routines. Don?t feel guilty, it is essential you have freedom to enjoy social occasions, holidays, days out? whatever the reason for the disruption, just draw a line under it and get straight back to the routine when you can. All too often, one night’s disruption becomes two and two becomes a habit. Don?t let that happen ? get back to normality as soon as you can.

? Has Baby been Ill? If your little one has been unwell, the routine can simply go out the window. Illness has a very efficient way of putting your priorities into disarray; you might feel like staying up with your little one late, rocking them to soother them or lifting them frequently. If that is what you feel it takes to get through the illness, then that is what you need to do. Use your instinct to nurse your baby better. Just try to limit the disruption to the routine and get right back into the routine when your baby begins to get better.

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Getting Back on Track

Life doesn’t always follow a schedule and it may sometimes seem like it has a way of throwing obstacles into the way whenever you feel like you are in control. There will always be disruptions ? from the everyday things such as moving home and travelling to bigger things like family difficulties, divorce, relationship problems etc. They key is to limit the disruption and get back into the routine as soon as possible. Don?t let a small disruption become a big problem.

Remember that if a routine isn’t working or has fallen by the wayside, you have the option to begin again. Change the routine, rethink things and find a way to create the very best routine for your child. Getting it perfect is impossible but taking control of your choices and working hard to regain the routine is manageable. It means doing what is best for your child and for you, and the benefits will be something you can both share.