Creating a Nursery Baby will Love

When designing your baby’s bedroom, it is important to create an environment that is conducive to good sleep. While it can be tempting to go for the latest interior design styles, think carefully about what you need the nursery to really do for you and how it will work to make caring for your baby easier on a day to day level.

What do you Need?

Instead of cramming the room full of fun furniture, think about how much you need. Babies come with a lot of equipment and the toys, clothes and accessories just pile up ? so think storage above all else. Make sure that your nursery’s storage facilities can increase as your child grows. Consider how you can make everything you need more accessible ? clever storage that means you can reach what you need when you need it.

Think Safety

Your baby might not be very mobile right now, but in no time they will be crawling around, pulling themselves up onto their feet and then wobbling dangerously towards any item of furniture, toy or object that catches their eye. So think early about how the nursery can be made safe ? can corners be covered, drawers be locked and rugs be secured?

Balance Fun and Function

Fun is important for your child so of course, you need to think about making the room fun and enjoyable. This is also the room your child will sleep in, so you don?t want the room to be so stimulating that your little one is wide-eyed through the night and cannot switch off. One way to do this is to divide the room into zones; places to play, places to chill out. In a smaller room, this can be difficult so you may have to choose slightly more muted colours or have a system where toys can be stored out of sight. Lighting is another way you can do this; a muted nightlight can change a bright playroom into a relaxing bedroom in an instant.

Keep it Simple

Your child will grow and change so fast; make sure you choose a style that will either grow with them or that can be changed to suit their stage so that they love their room no matter how old they get. Another reason to keep the d?cor and furniture simple is to make it easier to keep tidy and clean. A tidy bedroom helps your little one settle (think about your own bedroom and how much easier it is to relax when it looks lovely!) and the easier it is to clean the more you can rest assured that it is a healthy environment for your child.

Creating a nursery for your child is one of the most enjoyable aspects of preparing your home for a new arrival. When your child is older, they will love the idea of decorating their own room or having input into what they want.