Baby Bumps and Bruises

‘When did this happen?’, ‘How?’, ‘Where did this one come from!?’

If you have ever found a little bump of bruise on your little one and wondered where it came from, don?t worry ? it happens to all parents at some stage. Small bumps and bruises are bound to appear on your little one as they grow up and begin to sit independently, start to crawl and eventually take those first wobbly steps. Before you know it they can walk. Bumps and bruises are going to happen, it’s inevitable, unavoidable and no matter what you to do to stop it, they will appear anyway. So no matter what, don’t feel guilty about it, it was going to happen one day!
Protecting your baby

There are certain measures every parent can take to protect their little one. These days there are all sorts of accessories designed to prevent your baby from injury. However the best thing you can do as a parent is just be there when they do tip over out of their rocker, or fall down when trying to stand for the first time, for reassurance and cuddles. Babies want to be independent as they grow, so wrapping them in cotton wool just won’t work ? eventually you have to let them step out on their own a little.

When they begin to crawl, try thinking about things that may be in their path, or things at head level that they could injure themselves on and try to remove hazards from the area they are in. Of course this doesn’t always work, but using common sense usually prevails here. As they grow and begin to walk, again think about things at the new level they are exploring, protect hard edges with a pillow, don’t let them on a hard floor until they are steadier on their feet, maybe even invest in soft play flooring for a specific area of your home so you feel happier and you will find that if you are more relaxed so too is your baby and their confidence will grow.

Treatment of Bumps and Bruises

Cold compresses are almost always the answer to a minor bump or bruise, although this could prove difficult to apply to your little one who just wants down to try that tough climb again! Try applying a cold compress (whether it is a wrapped ice pack, bag of peas, or a special cartoon bruise soother) for 15 minutes at a time at regular intervals over a period of a couple of days. This should help to reduce swelling of bumps and stop any bruising from being as severe. Bruises will heal and fade without treatment so don’t worry if you can’t use a compress.

When should I consult a Doctor?

Times to consult a Doctor are when you are concerned that there may be more of a problem than a simple bump on the knee or a bruise on an elbow. If your baby has bumped their head and is inconsolable longer than what you would consider normal, don’t be afraid to contact your GP or attend your local Accident and Emergency. If they have bumped their head and vomit or have a nose bleed following the bump, (even minor) again a quick trip to the hospital will ensure your little one doesn’t have any more substantial injuries than you can visibly see. When it is a head injury, remember to keep an eye for concussion, as they may be too young to tell you how they feel you need to watch out for the signs. When it comes to bruises these will usually clear by themselves, however if you notice they are still there after 14 days and show no sign of improvement, contact your GP for advice.

For the most part, young children will bump and bruise themselves time and time again, so be pre-pared. Remember not to panic, try a compress and if there is no improvement after few hours, your child becomes distressed or displays other signs of being unwell or for any reason you are concerned, don’t think twice about contacting your GP or local A+E.