Days Out With Baby

Staying stuck indoors when you have a baby is something we all think we won?t allow to happen? but then baby arrives and suddenly it takes the effort of a small army to get everyone ready, get supplies packed and then actually get out through the door. On top of this, it can be really tricky to think of days out that are right for a baby. Here are some inspired ideas for days out that are enjoyable for all the family.


You don?t have to dedicate a whole day to the zoo to get your baby excited by animals; there are cheaper, more baby-friendly alternatives. Local open farms or city farms are a great experience for children of all ages. You can tailor the experience to suit your child; older children will love to feed the animals while babies will really benefit from matching the real life animals with their favourite story book characters.


If you aren’t a member of your local library or if you usually dash around choosing books and then leave, you are missing out. Most libraries have reading areas for children where you can enjoy some quiet cosy time with whichever books attract your child. Perfect for whiling away a rainy afternoon. Libraries aren’t all about books; some areas have toy libraries where you can borrow toys as well.


As soon as you are happy to take your baby to the swimming pool (chat with your health visitor for advice regarding immunisations etc and your child’s specific needs), they can enjoy swimming with you. Swimming with your baby can set them up with a love of the water and they will be quicker to swim and more confident later on. Use an inflatable baby seat if you want to, but always hold tight and make lots of eye contact with your little one to reassure them. Take someone else so you can take turns swimming a few lengths so you are getting some exercise too.

Grown-Up Days Out

You don?t have to stop doing the things you enjoy just because you have a baby in tow. All you need is to prepare carefully and accept the fact that things might not go as planned. So don?t avoid an exhibition, gallery or show. Just make sure you have everything you might need, including quiet toys or objects that will amuse your baby. You can always step out of the event or activity and calm your baby, feed them or get them to sleep if you feel the need to. By involving your baby in normal activity, you can begin to teach them how to behave in public, how to interact with other people and by talking to your little one, there is always something they can take out of every experience. You might be surprised how a trip to your local art gallery or natural history museum can really intrigue your small child. The colours, the lights and the other people can be really exciting for your little one. Every member of the family can enjoy the day out on their own level, with perhaps a little trip to the play-park on the way home?

The most important thing about any day out with your child is how you approach it. A simple trip can be more stimulating than the most extravagant holiday depending on how you engage with your child. Whatever your timescale, budget and preference, you can always find the fun when you look for it and what a valuable skill that would be to teach your children.