Going Outdoors with Baby

Getting plenty of fresh air and seeing the world around them is important for babies of all ages. Getting out and about is good for your baby and good for you, so enjoy exploring with your little adventurer.

How Soon Can I Take My Baby Out?

As soon as you feel ready, you can get your newborn out into the big wide world. Just be careful with younger babies, wrap them up warm, make sure they are flat on their back in the pram and that they fit securely inside it. Make sure you have everything you need and won?t be too far away from shelter if you need it. If you are worried, build your confidence by taking short walks out of doors to visit friends or family before planning any bigger adventures with your little one. Think about your own needs too; if you have any pain or had a caesarean section, then you need to recover fully before you venture too far.

Outdoor Activities for Older Babies

When your baby is forward facing in their pram you will be able to show them the world much more easily. At this stage, they will be keen to take everything in and the best way you can encourage their healthy curiosity about the world around them is to ?narrate? the journey, describing all the sensory experiences. Try to address all the senses, for example:

??The wind is blowing! It is a windy day!?

??I can smell bread from the bakery. Can you smell bread??

??Look at the blue sky; can you see any birds in the sky??

??Is it a cold day or a warm day? I am warm?

??Listen to the cars beeping their horns! Beep beep!?

Try to name the world around them too, remember that a baby’s receptive vocabulary (the bank of words they understand, even if they can?t use them yet) is building all the time, so the more they hear words repeated in context, the more they understand. Describe colours, pointing them out carefully, and name any animals, vehicles or other common sights you see.

Try to vary the route you take and visit different parks etc. Your little one will appreciate the new experience. Try out all the old favourites; feed the ducks, play on the swings, visit an open farm. But remember, even the most simple of activities is new and exciting to your baby, so just a trip to a shop to buy a ball and roll it around on the grass at the local park is a feast for the senses.

Baby Care In The Sun

Even a brief period in the sun can be dangerous for baby’s delicate skin. Even gentle sunlight can do damage, it doesn’t have to be a particularly sunny day. To be safe, use a sunhat (make sure it covers the tops of the ears as this skin can burn easily) and keep baby’s skin covered. Sunscreens designed specifically for babies? sensitive skin are widely available and give you reassurance when out and about. Make sure the pram/buggy/pushchair you use is suitable for your baby’s age and weight and keep a good supply of essentials. Chances are, that one little thing you forget will be the one thing you really need! Even though it can feel like it takes so long to get ready to take your little one out that it’s hardly worth it, practice makes perfect and before long you will have packing the pram down to a fine art!

Enjoy the outdoors with your baby as a step to developing a healthy, happy lifestyle for the whole family.