Have You Taken A Parent First Aid Course?

No parent wants to be in a position where they can?t help their child in a medical emergency.

Peter Finnegan lives in Dublin and is a father of two young boys. Last October over a family meal, Peter and his wife Helen found themselves in this exact situation when their two-year-old son Robbie, began choking on a piece of dried fruit.

Peter explained, “When the incident happened and Robbie was gasping for breath, I just froze and went into a complete state of panic.

Only the previous week, my wife Helen had been watching a television programme relating to children choking and as a result, she reacted immediately and employed the correct technique to unblock the trapped piece of fruit. Luckily for us it worked. After Robbie coughed up the fruit and started breathing, I swore I would never be caught in that terrifying position again.”

Peter subsequently looked to enrol himself in a suitable First Aid course and after must searching, took the decision with his wife Helen to set up Parent First Aid as they found that there was nothing on offer locally or at a convenient time. Parent First Aid was established to offer medical emergency instruction at local level and at times that suit busy lives. The courses are run by highly qualified First Aid trainers such as Jeff Kennedy, who is also an active member of the Fire Fighter / Paramedic services. Jeff regularly sees real life infant and toddler medical emergencies and is delighted to support and deliver training for Parent First Aid.

The take-up rate on Parent First Aid courses has been phenomenal and feedback has been extremely positive with comments that include: ?The best investment I could make in my family. I discovered that what I thought would be the right way to react in an emergency could have actually had disastrous consequences.?

The two-hour course has been specially designed for busy parents, companies and carers of children who don?t have time for a full day of training. The course focuses on the following critical subjects:

Baby/Toddler CPR
Baby/Toddler Choking

?plus other critical areas.

Parent First Aid is currently running courses across Leinster and the course fee is only ?30 per person.Full details of current course and location dates can be found on the website www.parentfirstaidireland.com.Peter Finnegan can also be contacted on 087 245 3387 or emailed on parentfirstaid@gmail.com