Irishbizparty Advertising Offer

#irishbizparty has helped us out in the past and continues to be a great resource for businesses like our own and many others, helping us to get in touch with other businesses and share resources.

We are delighted to offer business participants of #irishbizparty a really great advertising offer (we think so anyway!).

For ?199 + VAT we are offering you the chance to avail of one of our top business packages. (This package sells for ?1300 + VAT)

This plan runs for 1 year and includes the following:

One month as a Featured Supplier
Facebook promotion (it normally includes 2 promotions on Facebook, but we generally have no problem adding a couple more)
Twitter promotion (same as above)
Front Page MPU (for 2 months)
Site-wide leaderboard (for 3 months)
Site-wide button (for 4 months)
Video Promo (we can promote a video of your products/site etc if you happen to have one)
Competition (we can promote a competition prize. This generally has a very high response rate)
Newsletter Feature

As a small business we know how different businesses have different requirements and as such we are extremely flexible in our approach to advertising. For example if we find that a particular ad isn’t working, we can make changes and run it again.