Are you Ready for a Baby?

Knowing if you are ready for a new addition to the family can be simple ? sometimes everything seems to be aligned and you just know that now is the perfect time to try for a child; everyone is in agreement, your life is sorted, finances secure and biological clock ticking away happily.

Are you Ready for a Baby?Of course, there are times when it doesn?t seem so simple and straightforward. Remember that even when life seems perfect and the time feels right, things can change. That’s why it is so important that whatever issues may arise, you have a real and genuine desire for a child and everything that it may mean. Sometimes, there are worries that prevent you from being absolutely sure that now is the right time.

Can?t agree?

If you and your partner cannot agree on whether or not to have a new baby, it’s best to sort the issue out rather than one of you giving in. Discuss reasons for and against, and decide if you can compromise ? can you revisit the issue in 6 months or a year? If things aren?t likely to change, it is time to re-evaluate the relationship.

Financial Worries

This is one of the major reasons why happy couples who really want a child end up postponing until money is less tight. The global downturn in the economy has meant that many families are smaller than they perhaps anticipated. Examine your finances closely; if you really want another child or to start a family, are there things you could sacrifice to free up some funds? Would you be happy to give up the yearly holiday or work extra overtime? Think about the practicalities and how you might be able to make it work; could the lower wage earner take on more childcare duties, could grandparents help out with childcare to allow you both to work? Write it all down and evaluate it carefully ? a baby is expensive, but you don?t have to have all the designer baby gear to be a good parent.

Career Worries

There is only one way to put your mind at ease when it comes to work concerns; speak to your employer. Find out what your rights are, how time off might affect your chances of promotion etc. and then re-evaluate your plans regarding returning to work after having a child or whether one of you feels happy to give up their career.

Personal Worries

How do you know you will be a good parent? All you need is to love your child and WANT to do a good job. When you want to be a good parent, you will learn how to. Lots of it will come naturally, and what doesn?t come naturally can be read, seen, heard and learned. Try parent-craft classes, even if you aren?t expecting, as these can boost your confidence and de-mystify baby care. Anxiety over pregnancy, miscarriage and parenting can be a real deterrent. Spend time with children or babysit for friends and remember that every parent and parent-to-be feels anxiety over their ability; it is actually a classic sign of a good parent!