What to Bring to Hospital

Whether you have been excited about packing your hospital bag since you found out you were pregnant, or if the thought hasn?t occurred to you and you are at the stage where you really need to have that bag packed and ready to go, here is our handy guide to what to pack.

When to Pack the Bag

It’s up to you! Most women aim to have everything bought and packed and ready for action by about 36 weeks, but it is entirely up to you when you want to have it ready.

Bag for Baby

Again it is up to you, but here is a guise to what you need for your newborn. If you know whether you are having a boy or girl, you can choose the colours you want for your baby. Choose neutral colours if you don?t know the sex, or take a range of clothes to choose from when you meet your little one. It really isn?t important what style or colour you choose ? focus instead on quality materials and soft, easy to wear clothing for your new arrival.

You will need;

3 or 4 vests
3 or 4 sleepsuits
Baby blanket
Nappies (lots!)
Cotton wool for washing
Muslin squares
Newborn bibs
Socks or booties
Scratch mitts
An outfit for going home in
A coat or jacket depending on the weather

Don?t forget to take an infant car seat, and figure out how to fit it and secure your baby in it before the big day arrives when you have to take your baby home.

Bag for Mum

As well as your maternity notes and birth plan, you need to make sure you have everything you might need for during the birth;

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Dressing Gown and Slippers ? for late night wandering around!

Comfy socks

Underwear ? take lots of underwear so that you can throw away any that are badly soiled. You cannot take too many pairs of big comfortable pants!

Nightdress or T-shirt for labour ? an old one works best as it will be comfortable and you can throw it away afterwards.

Other pyjamas – a few pairs gives you the option to change to a fresh pair if you feel the need.

Clothes to wear on the way home

Hairband or clips to tie hair up during labour

Snacks ? labour can be long

Music, books, games ? you might need to pass the time and anything that helps is worth bringing.

Nursing bras ? to make breastfeeding so much easier and keep you supported and comfortable

Breast pads

Maternity pads ? buy maternity pads rather than sanitary towels as they are designed for the kind of loss you will experience after birth.

Toiletries ? you might want to include facial wipes and dry shampoo for quick freshen-ups

Your birthing partner should also have a bag packed, with snacks, a change of clothes, a camera and whatever else they feel they might need. While you will probably pack and unpack your hospital bag again and again before you actually arrive at the hospital, and you are more than likely going to have things with you that you never need, having your bag packed can give you a sense of control and preparedness that can really help with anxiety over the birth.