Pregnancy Anxiety in Men

Pregnancy anxiety in a woman who is expecting is perfectly understandable ? they are going through a lot of changes, physically, mentally and emotionally. When a man suffers from anxiety, stress or worry during his partner’s pregnancy, he naturally feels like he is being unreasonable. After all, he isn?t carrying the child. However, pregnancy anxiety is rarely about actually being physically pregnancy (although it is very uncomfortable, scary and overwhelming at times) but more to do with the fact that pretty soon there is going to be a baby in the home.

Pregnancy Anxiety in MenTalk About Stressed!

Men get anxious just as much as women, some more so, some less. Dealing with pregnancy anxiety can be tricky for men. Firstly, it feels a tiny bit unreasonable to have a moan about feeling stressed when your partner is throwing up every morning, being poked and prodded or dealing with her own anxiety. But you are entitled to your feelings, and you are entitled to express them. Just remember the following points;

Don?t make out like your stress is worse, or bigger, or more important than hers. The anxiety can be something you share, and help one another through.

Remind her that you want this baby, and that your anxiety is just because you want to be a good dad, want her to have an easy birth, want to know what it’s going to be like when baby arrives etc.

Talk about her worries at the same time so that you make a connection over the anxiety; maybe even laugh about it.

Suggest ways that you could be less stressed ? would an extra scan help? How about decorating the nursery, buying everything you will need (stockpiling nappies?) or spending time together doing things that have nothing to do with the pregnancy ? how about a date night or exercising together?

You have Hormones too!

It isn?t just the pregnant woman who experiences hormonal surges, research has shown that men react to chemicals released by the mother-to-be and their own hormones change; production of prolactin increases and testosterone decreases. This might cause lots of emotional feelings as the paternal instincts kick in. It can all feel a bit overwhelming and make dealing with the practicalities of supporting your partner much more stressful. While announcing that you are hormonal too might be greeted with a raised eyebrow to say the least, it is worth remembering that you too are affected by physical changes while preparing for baby’s arrival.


Pick up her pregnancy books or get one aimed at men, attend pre natal classes and ask questions whenever you come across something you just don?t understand. Chances are, the expectant mother will be happy to explain and you will feel a little bit more in the loop. Part of what causes pregnancy anxiety in expectant fathers is the fear of the unknown and this can be cured by learning about what it all means. If pregnancy doesn?t faze you but the idea of fatherhood is terrifying, then there are parent-craft classes that will help, or you can volunteer to babysit for a friend. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it is an excellent cure for anxiety.