Getting Crafty with your Children ? craft ideas for older kids

The key to getting your older children to enjoy craft activities is to give them freedom to enjoy themselves and use their imaginations. To do this, the best thing to do is to provide them with enough materials to stimulate their creativity. This means keeping a hoard of craft materials and giving them as many opportunities to get creative as you can, but the rewards are worth it.

Children who have lots of chances to get creative tend to be better problem-solvers, and providing an outlet for self-expression makes for a well-adjusted child who is more able to express themselves in other ways.

Getting Crafty with your Children

The Hoard

Providing older children with lots of art and craft materials doesn?t have to be expensive. Instead of buying the latest gimmicky products that appear on the huge art materials market, think about how they can use bits and pieces from around the home. Save food packaging, scraps of fabric from old clothing, junk mail, foil? you don?t have to save masses of the stuff if you are pushed for space, but keeping a scraps box can provide your child with lots of inspiration and you will be surprised at the many creative ways they will find to use things that would otherwise have been thrown out. Add new things to the hoard often by keeping an eye out at discount shops and supermarkets for crafty bits and bobs that could be used creatively by your kids. As well as paper and card, make sure there are fabrics, beads and buttons; try to include as many different textures and colours as possible. One more tip ? glue! Lots and lots of glue!

Traditional Crafts

Consider getting your child involved in a traditional craft, perhaps something that you or older members of the family could teach them. Knitting, crochet, wood turning, pottery, mosaic? if you know someone who has a crafty hobby, then consider asking them to share their skills with your child. Chances are they will be happy to pass on their passion for their subject.


Formal classes in crafts that your child wouldn?t otherwise have the opportunity to try can be a great way to get them excited about creating something, as well as providing a great opportunity to meet new friends. Check out local kids? classes and don?t forget to have a look at listings by local museums and living history parks as they often have creative classes for kids that involve traditional crafts.

Get Involved

Having creative kids is the perfect reason to take up your own creative hobby, so if there is a crafty or artistic endeavour you have often thought you might enjoy, then now is the perfect time! Things you can do together as a family can add a special bonding side to the activity, and making things together can be a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience.