Choosing a Name for your Baby

Choosing a name for your child can be tricky at best. Sometimes it is an absolute minefield of possibilities; you might find yourself factoring in other people’s feelings, your own changes of heart and of course, the fashion of the day.

Choosing a Name for your BabyWhether you have had your perfect names picked out since you were a child yourself, or whether names never crossed your mind until you fell pregnant, it can still be a tough decision when you are actually faced with the dilemma of what to name your child; after all, it isn?t a decision you can enter into lightly.

What Happens if We Disagree?

It is inevitable that some couples will disagree on names. While it has to be a joint decision, there will also have to be some compromise. Whether that means making one parent’s favourite name into a middle name, or forgetting names that you disagree on and finding a whole new name you both love? you have time to search and research for the name that suits your baby, and suits both parents.

Some Tips

Here are some top ideas for finding the perfect name for your little arrival:

Renew old family names to honour loved ones ? they don?t have to be exactly like the originals, modern re-workings of traditional names can work very well.

Avoid names that are in fashion but that might become dated very quickly ? make sure you will still love it in 2 or 5 or even 10 years.

Say possible names out loud, including the first name, any middle names and the surname. Does it roll off the tongue or feel awkward to say? Some names look lovely on paper but feel wrong when said aloud, so experiment with different variations to get one that sounds right.

Think about the initials ? do they spell anything that might be embarrassing?

Think about spelling ? if you invent your own spelling, think about the fact that your child will have a lifetime of repeating the spelling to everyone.

Forget other people’s opinions ? if you find that a family member or friend isn?t keen on a name you like or they are putting pressure on you to choose a name they prefer, then politely thank them for their input and do it your way! People get used to a name, and when your little one arrives, it won?t take long for everyone to forget there was ever another name discussed.

Read about meanings ? a name can really feel different to you when you learn what it means.

Don?t rush it ? it is perfectly reasonable to wait until your baby has arrived before you choose a name. You might have a shortlist or a few ideas, but it is fine for it not to fall into place until you meet your little one.

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Feel free to change your mind ? you might feel differently about a chosen name next week, or you might meet someone with the chosen name who puts you right off! Your baby might not look like the name you like when he arrives, so whatever you choose, bear in mind that you might change your mind at some stage.