Boy or Girl? Finding out the Sex

It is one of the most tricky aspects of pregnancy. Some people are absolutely determined to find out the sex of their unborn baby and look forward to finding out, whereas other people detest the idea and look forward to the surprise when their baby finally arrives. There are advantages to both sides of the argument? let’s take a look at the ?whys? and ?why-nots? of finding out the sex of your unborn baby?

The Argument For

Those who want to find out the sex of their baby feel this way for many reasons;

Preparation ? if you know whether you are having a boy or a girl, you can prepare your home and the baby’s clothing, accessories etc. to suit. If you want to paint the nursery pink or blue, or if you aren?t keen on gender-neutral clothing, you might prefer to know what you are going to have so that you can shop and prepare with a little more confidence.

Names ? if you are finding it difficult to think of a name for your baby, it can help to know whether you are having a baby boy or a baby girl; at least it cuts down the options by around half!

Bonding ? many parents feel that thinking of their baby as a ?he? or a ‘she? makes it easier to bond with the unborn child than if the baby is an ?it?. It can help parents to come to terms with the idea of being parents if they can visualise in a more specific way what life might look like when the baby arrives.

Health ? sometimes there are more serious reasons for finding out the sex of an unborn child. Some hereditary conditions or diseases affect one sex more than the other, so finding out the sex can have more wide-reaching repercussions.

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The Argument Against

Surprise ? some parents feel that not knowing the sex is all part of the excitement of pregnancy, and that not knowing what to expect is a surprise that makes the arrival all the more exciting, especially for older siblings.

Tradition ? for many people, not finding out the sex of the child is a nod to tradition. For many parents, finding out the sex is not even something they think about, as it isn?t something that would have been available traditionally.

Mistakes ? many parents are very worried about the chance of the sonographer being wrong when it comes tom establishing the sex of their unborn baby, We have all heard stories about parents with beautiful pink nurseries and flowery dresses having a very unexpected boy join the family! While later scans will be more accurate, and an amniocentesis will be reliable, early scans can be misinterpreted. So you may find out it’s a boy, only to find at a later scan that it is a girl, and this can be quite upsetting if you felt a bond with the unborn child as a result of the sex.

The most important thing, whether you choose to find out the sex of your unborn child or not, is that it is a carefully considered decision. If you decide to find out the sex and other members of your family don?t want to know, or you don?t want to share the news, then that is fine ? it is your prerogative whether or not you find out, and who you share the information with.