Struggling with Schoolwork ? Help your Child

Every child is different and learns in a different way ? how your child learns and which subjects they prefer is just another part of their newly emerging personality. However, in order for them to get a good well-rounded education that takes the whole curriculum into account (and not just the bits they like) it is important that they engage with all the subjects they are taught.

As adults, we would struggle if we were regularly introduced to a completely new topic that we didn?t understand and/or weren?t particularly interested in!

Whether your child loves Maths but struggles with reading, lives to draw but hates numbers or would rather spend the day kicking a football than lifting a pencil, you can be sure that your child’s teacher has encountered a similar style of learning in the past, and they will know how to get the child interested and involved in learning the subjects they struggle with. As parents, we can help

Show an Interest

Even the most boring subject soon becomes interesting if someone else is asking us about it. By asking your child about what they are learning you not only show them that you care, and that you are proud of their efforts, they also get the chance to show off their knowledge. You can gauge if they are struggling by their reluctance to discuss the subject,

Make it Real

If your child feels like what they are learning has no real application, they will dismiss it. Making what they are learning real can be the key to helping them develop skills they can use outside the classroom and in the real world. So if they are struggling with mathematics, get them to count out their pocket money and work out what they can buy instead of doing it for them. Ask them to work out dates and do some working out to help with your own finances, whatever stage they are at there is some way you can make maths a part of their life. If they struggle with literacy, ask them to read things to you that will be of use ? a news article or a recipe? show them how important being able to read and write well are for everyday

Speak to the Teacher

It can be hard to establish whether your child is really struggling and lagging behind or just getting through a tough topic with the rest of class at the same rate. Their teacher can help you work out if they need extra help with the work or if they are actually doing fine and just need some reassurance. If your child does need some additional help to get them caught up, ask what you can do. With a little extra effort and some added support from the teaching staff and at home, your child can catch up at a pace that suits

Reward Success

Whether it means using a reward chart, planning milestones in a diary or crossing off pages of a textbook, set up stages and reward your child when they reach each milestone. Don?t forget the best reward of all ? knowing you are proud of their progress.