Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are so beneficial for kids of all ages. Getting active outdoors as a family can be a fantastic way to bond and to stay fit and healthy. You don?t need any special equipment, you don?t have to spend a lot of money or go to a lot of effort, just get inventive and create outdoor adventures that get your kids active, enjoying fresh air and learning. There is also the added benefit of Vitamin D which is essential for health both in children and adults.

Treasure Hunts

Create a treasure hunt with clues, prizes and challenges to get the whole family working together. You can tailor this to suit children of different ages; younger children enjoy finding things based on a picture check-list, while older children will enjoy the challenge of solving clues, finding trails and seeking out answers to questions. Educational, exciting and a great way to spend time together.

Camping out

Whether you go far away, hit a local beauty spot or camp put in the garden, children of all ages love the chance to sleep out of doors. A camp-out can be a fantastic chance for the kids to learn some outdoor skills as well. Teaching you children how to make a campfire, how to stay safe and learning about nature together can be a great way to bond. For younger families and those who don?t feel like roughing it, try glamping; modern camp sites with all the home comforts, great facilities and all the charm of the outdoors.


Turn a family stroll into a hike. Even if your children are young or not everyone feels up to a big climb, it can be enough just to turn it a walk into an adventure. Get the kids to pack supplies, choose a route and map it out. Then let them lead the way so they have control over their own adventure.

Map Reading

Teaching your child to read a map, use a compass and other orienteering skills, can be a valuable bonding experience as well as lots of fun.


Picnic meals aren?t just for the summer. Make picnics a part of your family life for a fun way to get the family together. From barbecue meals on those long summer evenings, to winter picnics where you can find shelter, get wrapped up, have soup and enjoy the wilder side of the weather. Children love an adventure as something as simple as a meal outdoors can create a lasting memory.


Creating a garden together is a great way to create something that the whole family can enjoy and be proud of. Whether you plant a few pots up or go the whole hog and make a commitment to grow your own vegetables, creating a garden teaches your children about nature and gives them something to focus on while they are getting active outdoors.