Making Family Time Count

Family time is important, no matter how old your children are. We all know that spending time together is time well spent, but it isn?t always easy. Working late, busy social lives, house work, DIY, school schedules, play dates, after school activities, family commitments… it all adds up and sometimes it seems like there is little time left over for the family to be together doing something that everyone enjoys. The solution is to build family time into those other important activities?

Here are some great ways to get the whole family together and get the kids involved in what you have to do, no day trips required?

Enlist the kids in washing the car ? yes, it may inevitably end up in a water fight, and yes it will get messy, but at the end of it, you?ve had fun and the car should be ‘somewhat- cleaner than it was before you started.

Get the kids involved in a big clear-out ? if you have too much clutter, if the kids have toys they never play with and if the wardrobes are overflowing with things no-one has worn in years, then a clean out is precisely what you need. Get everyone involved, making decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of, choosing what to donate to charity, what to sell? if your child has things they can donate or sell, let them do the giving or keep the money raised. This will teach them the value of charity and money management.

Try some DIY together ?

kids of all ages can be given little tasks to complete. Stripping wallpaper, sanding down wood, painting a wall ? all these things might be chores to us, but to kids they are fun and more than this, they should that we need their help, we trust them and we want to spend time with them.

Get cooking as a family ?

cooking a meal together is a very worthwhile experience. Yes, it might get a little messier than if you did it alone, but children learn through doing, and helping you cook not only teaches them skills, it also makes them much more likely to eat it!

Eat together ?

you all have to eat, so make a point of eating together whenever possible so that you can chat and discuss the day. For many families, mealtimes are some of the few times the whole family sits down together.

Play a Board Game ?

it doesn?t take long to set up and play a board game and the whole family can get involved. This is a great way to grab some precious family time without any cost.

Get creative with your time, and find ways to turn even half an hour of free time into half an hour of quality family time ? no need for expensive outings, no need to abandon the things you need to get done and no need to worry about how much the kids are enjoying it ? if you are enjoying yourself and spending time playing, teaching or listening to your children, you can rest assured they will be enjoying themselves.