Ideas for Active Children

Whether your child feels like they can?t sit still, whether they are constantly flitting from one activity to the next or whether they simply have so much energy that they aren?t quite sure what to do with it all, having an energetic, active child is a blessing. That’s not to say it is easy to keep them occupied!

Ideas for Active Children

I?m Bored!

A bored child is an unhappy child, and while some kids can easily find something to do, some find it tough. Active children can be especially hard to keep from boredom. Fortunately, we have a few ideas that could help your little action hero to keep busy and stay interested and occupied?

Mix Different Types of Activity

Mix it up and keep things fresh. Sometimes, a new and interesting activity, or moving from one thing to something very different, can be all it takes to get your child to concentrate and enjoy themselves. So if they have been running around in the garden for an hour and tell you they are bored, instead of encouraging them to run around some more or kick a ball around, supply them with some art materials and get them to make a picture of everything they saw in the garden while they were out. Active children are constantly searching for stimulation, and a change of environment or activity can satisfy this need.

Join Clubs

Active children can benefit from social interaction with other children. Clubs are a great way to do this; whether it’s a sports club, a club that share an interest or hobby or a general youth club for their age group, signing your active child up to a group you both feel they will enjoy can be a great way for them to have the stimulation and activity they crave and use up all that energy they have so much of.

Free Play

Let your child choose their own activities often, so that they can let off steam and do the thing they love most. This freedom will really enable them to channel their energy.

Get Outdoors

Outdoor play is perfect for very active children, but you might find it beneficial to give directions. You can do this in the form of ?challenges?; get your child thinking as well as running around by challenging them to find things, count things? whatever challenge you feel will get them interested, motivated and hopefully, tired out! So suggest they find an acorn or pine-cone, get them to count steps or stones, throw a stick for the dog, gather leaves for artwork? the opportunities are endless!


If you are worried about your child and think they are hyperactive, or of there are behavioural issues as well, then you are perfectly reasonable in addressing those concerns with a doctor or other health professional. See your family doctor for reassurance or further tests. You may find that certain processed foods, foods high in sugar and sweeteners cause your child to become hyperactive. Talk to your doctor if you feel this is the case, or avoid triggers.