Getting Active as a Family

Most of us, young and old could benefit from getting some more exercise in our lives. Caring for children can make this more difficult; hitting the gym, heading out to an exercise class or joining a sports team can be difficult to commit to when you have children to think of. However, getting more active together as a family could be good for the whole family, and provide you with valuable bonding time.

Getting Active as a Family Exercise will help with the stress of family life as well as improving everyone’s fitness. Doing active things with your child is a great way to get closer to one another, so the family will benefit in so many ways simply by making a few changes to the types of things you do together. You can do this on a large scale, for example you can easily swap a movie night for a trip to the bowling alley or ice rink, or you can make little changes that will all add up.

Here are a few easy ways to boost your family’s level of exercise:

Ball Games ?

the whole family can enjoy a kick-around in the park. How many times have you wandered leisurely around while the kids run around the green? Get involved in their games, let them explain their rules and take part. It will not only get your heart pumping; it will also let you teach your children about friendly competition. Why not show them some of the games you played as a child?

Family Hike ?

more than just going for a walk, make a day out of it by turning a hike into an adventure. Show the children a map of possible routes and let them work out what they need to take. Each member of the family can be responsible for a particular aspect of the hike ? one person has the first aid kit, another has some food, another carries the map and compass etc. This teaches your children valuable skills and turns a stroll into a truly memorable day.

Treasure Hunt ?

set up a treasure hunt at home or in a local park. Give challenges, such as hopping 6 paces towards a tall tree, running six times around the pond? make it fun and make it active. Then get involved, don?t stand around watching ? having you taking part will make the hunt so much more exciting for the kids.

Learn Together ?

if you can all agree on a fun activity or sport, then take a class together and get active while learning a new skill or sport. Choosing an activity that suits every member of the family might be tough, but have a look around local leisure centres and learning centres and see what is available. Archery is a popular sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. Perhaps ice skating appeals (if nothing else you can laugh together as you wobble around), martial arts is a great way to learn discipline and self-defence, and there are so many ball games and other sports that you can enjoy together as a family while boosting your health and happiness.