Get Involved in your Child’s School Life

It may feel like your child’s school life is something they have separate to the home and family life. This can make even the most level-headed of parents feel like they are somehow missing out on a big part of their child’s life. However, there are lots of things you can do to get involved in your child’s education and take part in the life of the school.


There are lots of ways you can volunteer at your child’s school. Just ask.

Some of the possible ways they might need your help are in joining any Parent-Teacher association. This is basically like joining a committee that allows parents and teachers to join forces in making decisions that affect the school and its pupils. This can enable you to have first-hand influence in how the school is run.

Schools often ask for volunteers for fundraising, help with organising fairs or fetes and one-off help such as joining your child’s class on a school trip or helping with costumes for a school play.

Many schools rely on the support of parents, but many parents also report that helping out at their child’s school makes them feel better about the school, more involved with their child’s education and gives them a sense of giving back to their child’s school community. It also helps children to see the important of social responsibility.

Working parents can do lots to help out at school as well ? it isn?t just stay-at-home Mums and Dads that can get involved. Work out what you can offer to the school ? if you have access to lots of packaging, ask the school if they could use it for ?junk art? or other crafts. If you have an interesting job or hobby that the children might be interested in, then volunteer to give a talk or demonstration. Anything you can offer to the school will be appreciated, think about it from the perspective of a teacher or another parent ? everyone has some power to make the school a better place.

Help with Homework

One of the best ways you can get involved in your child’s school life is to keep up with what the kids are learning. Homework provides the perfect opportunity for you to see what your child is learning and get involved in helping them to understand and enjoy it.

You can take this one step further by taking your child out to places that complement their school-work. So if they are earning about fossils, take them to a local museum and give them a frame of reference that will make the learning in school come alive.

Get to Know Other Parents

Getting to know the parents of your children’s friends and form connections with them makes it easier to get involved with the school and easier to address any difficulties which may arise. If your child is spending all day with other children, they become an important part of their lives. You can embrace this by having play dates, organising days out or picnics with other parents and taking an interest in all the stories, complaints and gossip that your child brings home!