Toilet Training Problems

For every toilet training problem, there is a solution. You might be surprised to learn that many of the problems you may encounter while potty training or toilet training your child are down to readiness. If the child was not ready to be trained or was ready and then moved past that so that essentially you missed the best time to train them, you are more likely to encounter problems.

So if you haven?t already started training, making sure that your child is showing all the signs of being ready to train is the best thing you can do to make it easier. If not, wait it out until you feel they will be more receptive to what is, ultimately, a big change in their little lives.

Not Telling

It is one of the most frustrating aspects of potty training. You have been placing them on the potty and they are great at doing what they have to do in it. But they just won?t come to you and tell you when they need to go! The upshot is that whenever you don?t put them on the potty, they have an accident. Firstly, you need to make absolutely sure that your child understands that they need to go. Do they show signs of needing to go that indicate they do feel that a pee or poo is on its way? If not, they may not be ready to train yet. If they shuffle and make signs that they know they need to go, they simply need reminding. Instead of asking ?do you need the potty?, tell them, ?tell me what you need to do? to get them used to telling you, and in time, accidents should be a thing of the past. It all comes down to practise.

Accidents in the Car

Car journeys can be tough on little trainees! If you can?t avoid a long journey, then use pull-up pants or a mat under the bottom. Bring a change of clothes and don?t scold ? car journeys are one of the hardest parts of being dry to master and it will take time.


Some children may resist potty training to such a degree that they hold back and keep everything in so that they don?t have to use the potty. They may then quickly fill a nappy put on for night time or they may get constipated or suffer from a urine infection. If this is the case with your child, the best course of action may be to forget the potty training for now and come back to it at a later date when they are more receptive to the idea.


It is perfectly normal (although very frustrating) for a child to be progressing well at potty training or even to be completely dry and then to regress back to having toileting accidents. This could be for no apparent reason and if you cannot find a cause you could have your child checked for a urine infection. If there is still no clear cause, simply put your training regime back in place. Don?t make the child feel like they have failed, simply take a step back and retrain until your child is dry again.

Other children may regress slightly because they are experiencing stress or change in their lives. Family problems, moving house, changes to the family routine or illness can all set your child back and leave you feeling that you are back at square one.