BubbleBum Booster Seat Review

My BubbleBum Experience ? by Victoria (Mum of 2)

We have just returned from a fab holiday to the South of France where we went to a camping resort. Having not gone camping since I was a little girl, I was always under the impression that it would be akin to sleeping on a dirty mattress in a sleeping bag surrounded by bugs. My husband has spent the last 3 years trying to convince me to go and so I finally relented this year, with great reservations. To say I am converted is an understatement. It was nothing at all like I had built it up to be. Quite the opposite. We had an incredible time. I?ll leave that review for another day??

We have brought the kids travelling abroad since they were very young and generally always hire a car at our destination. At first we had to hire a baby seat, which costs roughly ?70 per trip on top of the car hire, petrol expenses, insurance etc. Then when number two came along, this jumped to ?140. When we booked the car in France, we reserved a baby seat and a booster seat for the duration of our rental. The booster seat rental was only marginally less expensive at ?55 for the 2 weeks. This is crazy considering it costs less than that to actually buy a booster seat.

A few days before we were due to go out we got our hands on a BubbleBum. This was described to us as an inflatable booster seat that would fit in our luggage and can be inflated when we got to France and deflated for the journey home. So we decided to give it a go and cancelled the booster seat that we had booked for our 6 year old.

The BubbleBum came to us in a neat box, inside which was a drawstring pouch which contained the BubbleBum booster seat. The day before we left for France, we tested it out. There was a small screw cap on the seat which we had to loosen a little before inflating. It took me about 5 seconds to inflate it and the cap screwed back on easily. We sat our daughter in it, put on her seatbelt and job done! She was up high enough that the seatbelt wasn?t near her neck and she looked comfortable. The belt had to go through two restraints that were located on either side of the BubbleBum. Very simple to inflate and fit.

Now we just had to see would it fit into our luggage. We were bringing with us one large piece of luggage for the plane and three pieces of carry-on luggage as well as a schoolbag type backpack for food, magazines, colouring books etc for the journey. Once deflated, I found that the BubbleBum rolled up neatly into its drawstring pouch and we fit it easily into a piece of carry-on luggage. I didn?t want it going into our main bag as once off the plane it was going to be easier to only have to open the carry-on luggage to retrieve it.

Once we arrived in France and got to our car, it was a very quick process to take out, inflate and fit the seat and off we went on our 1hr drive to our destination.

So all in all not only did we save ?55 on this trip but we will make this saving on all our trips going forward now that we have the BubbleBum. I personally would highly recommend it!

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