10 Things Mums of Girls Have To Do

10 Things Mums of Girls Have To Do

Trust me on this. The experience of parenting, whether you are going to have a son or a girl, is going to be beautiful. Don?t let others scare you, demotivate you or just tell you otherwise. You are going to be a great parent for your child. But, there are some important things a parent of a boy or a girl simply must do. Those might be hard, funny at times, but, at the end of the day, crucial for the creation of their personality. As a parent-to-be of a girl, these are the points I promise myself to take care of.

1.??????Choose Their Name Wisely.

As funny as it sounds, it’s much more difficult to choose a name for a girl than a boy. Firstly, everyone knows someone of that name who they don?t like, have dated, believe is of bad morals etc. I tell you to ignore them as much as you can. Her name should be something YOU believe is worthy of her. Something both strong and tender.

2.??????Be Careful of What Goes On In Their Minds.

Girls tend to be more quiet and reserved. They won?t express their energy physically as much as boys. So, beware of what goes on in their heads. You know, you?re a woman. We play mind games, far more complex that a simple sports battle or a playground fight between boys.

3.??????Teach Them Proper Hygiene.

Equally important for both boys and girls, but boys tend to be ??carriers?? of certain diseases far more often than girls. You must have the continuous talk, from early childhood to teenage years, of sitting down on a stranger’s toilet seat, washing the hands, changing the pads, peeing after an intercourse… Don?t ever be afraid to raise topics that are uncomfortable for you.

4.??????Make It Easy For Them To Reach Out To You.

This is one of the most important points. She must know that she can come to you with any problem she has, otherwise she will go for advice to her friends or whoever, who might do her more damage than anything. Drugs, teenage pregnancies, bad grades, smoking? she has to know she can talk to you about that sort of things. And you should be there to help her get out of trouble if she needs you to, not criticize or punish her.

5.??????Show Them Choices.

What I mean by this is to tell her she can be anything she wants to be in life, and stand by that, no matter how disappointed you are with the choices you?ve made in yours. Sure, female pilots are rare, but she can try and become one!

6.??????Make Them Independent.

Teach her where to find solutions to her problems. Tell her to always have back-up money to come back home when the night out turns out not exactly as she hoped it to be. Teach her to pay for her own drinks. Be a lady. Become who she wants to become.

7.??????Point To The Right Role Models.

With all the media stars that became so for no other reason but sexual exposure, it is important to show your girl the right role models. Those can be women from the public life, or the ones you find in your surroundings, but the point is ? they made their success happen all by themselves.

8.??????Encourage Them to Speak Their Minds.

Unfortunately, as soon as they start school, people will try to shut them up. Be it because they?re too young, or they are girls, or whatever other reason? She needs to know that the only change she can make in the world is if she is not afraid to stand by what she believes in. Of course, all of this done in a polite and respectful manner.

9.??????Help Them Find Their Purpose in Life.

Show them, guide them, but don?t force them into something you think is best for them. If they want to be truck drivers and that makes them happy, it will make you happy too. If they don?t want to have kids themselves, they don?t have to. Be there for them when they search for their path.

10.??Love Them No Matter What.

This goes to every mother of every child. No matter what, they are yours, and you are theirs. It is the closest bond that exists in the nature.

All in all, cherish her presence and love her for who she is