10 Things My Kids Refuse To Believe!

10 Things My Kids Refuse To Believe!

Today’s world is very different than the one that we all grew up in. Kids born today don’t remember what landline phones are. They’ve never had to experience the horrors of rewinding a movie, and most of them don’t even know what books look like. Alright, that last one might have gone a little bit too far, but you get my point. When I explain my childhood to my own kids, I might as well be reading them a fairytale about some fantasy world. Here are some of the things that my kids can’t believe about the “old days”.


1. Libraries were needed for the BOOKS.

We used to look up information in those papery things! It wasn’t just a quick Google search to get all the answers we never needed. Books were the keys to the world.


2. Just poop while we pooped.

We didn’t have the luxury of quietly reading on our smartphones. If we wanted to read, we could only do it by carrying a book with us, yelling to the world, “Yep! I’m going to poop now!”


3. Rewind movies.

I said it earlier, didn’t I? Kids have no idea how much of a pain in the ass this could be. Sometimes we’d skip watching a movie just because we didn’t want to rewind it.


4. Use rotary phones.

Can you imagine?! Having to spin a dial just to use the telephone. If someone had a nine in their phone number, I refused to talk to them.


5. Busy signals.

Oh, it was awful. You finally, after an hour or two, finished dialing in someone’s phone number, and there it was. If only texting had been a thing.


6. No Caller ID.

Every incoming phone call was an exciting mystery. Kids live in a boring world compared to what we had, right?


7. Roll down car windows.

This could take daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays. Cranking down that window was impossible. Sometimes it would stick! You might as well just swelter.


8. Develop film.

The closest thing we had to the ‘insta’ in Instagram was a polaroid. And forget filters! We just avoided selfies altogether, not in the least because there was no ‘front facing camera’.


9. Use cash ALL the time

That’s right, we didn’t have crazy phone apps for paying. We used actual paper. Like cavemen.


10. Watch cartoons only on Saturday.

It was the only day of the week that we could! And if we wanted to some other time, we’d rent a movie from a video store. Kids have no clue what I’m talking about right now.

In a way, I’m actually happy that my children don’t have to do the things I had to do when I was little. Modern technologies have certainly made life a lot easier than it used to be, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tell them how we had no internet once upon a time! We had no mobile phones, no online shopping, no food ordering apps, no? well you get the point. But, that was our different kind of life!