10 Reasons Why New Mums are So Tired!

10 Reasons Why New Mums are So Tired!

Remember being a teenager and thinking you were tired? I can remember coming home from school, plopping down on the sofa and falling fast asleep. I was pooped, wiped out and couldn’t imagine not sleeping right then and there. Then came my twenties. I’d go to work (for what seemed like an excruciating 8 hours) and again HAVE to take a nap before going out to the pub or making dinner. I couldn’t have imagined being any more tired. Now I know better.

When you’re a new mum, tired takes on a whole new meaning. If you’ve been blessed with a little one, you’re no doubt tired.

As you gaze lovingly at your little angel sleeping it’s hard to imagine why you are so sleep deprived. They’re so precious, peacefully slumbering away. But the truth is that being a new mum can be tough, leave you exhausted, and wondering if you’ll ever feel rested again. But you will. In the meantime, find camaraderie with the other millions of new mums feeling just like you.

Here are the top 10 Reasons New Mums are So Tired:

1. It’s hard work.

Motherhood is a crash course in learning what hard work really is. Little ones are 100% dependent on their mums for everything, from the basics to making sure they are mentally stimulated – literally every need they have is on you, the mum. Not a task to be taken lightly.

2. No sleep

Even the easiest of babies wake up –  a lot! Gone are the 8 hour nights of sleep replaced with a few hours (if you’re lucky) through the entire night. When you wake you aren’t just ‘not asleep’. New mums are feeding babies, changing diapers, tending to any and all needs at any time of the night and often throughout the entire night.

3. Worry wart syndrome

You’ll discover if you’re a ‘worrier’ once you have a child. New mums tend to worry, at least for a while. Are they sleeping? Do they need me? What if I can’t hear them crying? These are a few of the 10 billion worries new mums have. Worrying is exhausting. When you don’t sleep you may worry more and so on and so on. But you already know this – you’re a new mum!

4. What’s around the bend?

A non-mum friend once asked me what I was so worried about. After silently cursing her stupidity, I tried to explain – but just couldn’t. New mums worry – what to expect, what to worry about or not worry about, what if something seems normal but it’s potentially a huge problem. The first time around is especially hard with no clue whatsoever about what’s to come.

5. Crying, crying, crying – will it ever end?

Babies with colic will cry for hours on end. Mums become exhausted not only by the actual crying but with not being able to help their little ones feel better. It’s physically, emotionally and mentally draining. They say 50% of babies grow out of colic by 3 months and 90% by 9 months – um okay but that’s a long, long time of taking care of a baby you simply can’t comfort. This by far is one of the most draining new mum experiences.

6. Nappies, feeding, the basics.

Tending to the daily needs of an infant can take up the entire day (& most of the night.) Honestly, you could hire one person for round the clock work just to tend to these basic needs – and they’d be exhausted too!

7. Oh yeah, taking care of yourself.

Many women are naturally caregivers putting everyone before themselves. This couldn’t be more evident than when it comes to new mums. Being so absorbed in taking care of the baby, the new mum forgets her own needs. Taking time to shower when your plate is overflowing with responsibilities can be a challenge and tires you out too.

8. The rest of the family – are they still around?

If you take a moment and think about it you may recall a husband or partner you used to eat dinner with, talk to, laugh with and even on occasion have some fun. New mums are all-consumed with the needs of the baby that often partners and former lives seem like distant memories. It’s impossible to return to having as much couple time as before but many mums still try – this is also exhausting. When all you want to do is plop down and close your eyes, there’s another person who needs you.

9. Everything with baby takes longer.

Gone are the days of throwing on a parka, walking outside to hop in the car or take a stroll to the market for some milk. Now it’s a planned event. Not only do you have to look (somewhat) presentable, you must time this perfectly with your luv’s nap and feeding time. And don’t forget to pack the nappy bag filled with everything you could possibly need – just in case. Dressed and packed? Don’t forget the buggy and car seat. Yes, it’s a whole new world running errands with babies. But not to worry, this too will soon pass and you’ll move on to chasing them around the house trying to get them in the car!

10. Lack of sleep.

Wait, was this already listed? I can’t remember I’m just too exhausted?………

There’s no doubt, being a new mum is tiring and trying. But it’s all worth it in the end! ???